About Me!

Hey you! You clicked here so I am sure that you have some interest in knowing about ME!!! :D

First off, my name is Amy. I am married to an awesome man named Dave. You will see him referred to as Davey, the hubby, the hubs, hubster, etc...through out this blog.
He doesn't try any of my baking since he doesn't have a single sweet tooth in his mouth, but will sometimes try some of my krazy kooking. I will let you know if a recipe is "Davey Approved".

We have 3 doggies:



They are our children and I love them to death!!!

I have a normal full-time job working as a registered dental assistant which keeps me super busy. 

I am sarcastic.

I am a child at heart and refuse to [fully] grow up.

I love (!) marks, and tend to over-use them!!!!!

I enjoy laughing and being a positive person!

I love my family and friends.

My favorite colors are hot pink, black, and lime green!!!

I love anything with stars on it!

I have a horrible fear of getting fat!

I am a bit of a tom-boy, but have a VERY girly side to me. I love Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, and high heels (though I tend to only wear them on special occasions).

I am a nerd, geek, whatever you want to call me. I get overly excited about techy stuff like (Mac) computers, cell phones, iPods, etc......I love my MacBook I have, but cannot wait to upgrade to a MacBook Pro in the future!

My favorite season is Fall for all the pumpkiny goodness that is made, Halloween, and the fact that desert season starts up! Plus, it's the gateway to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's!!!! 

Even though Fall is my favorite season, I can't stand the cold.....if it is under 85 degrees, I am cold.....and this is NO joke!!!! 

I love to bake and like to do some cooking. I am newer to this whole cooking thing and love to try new recipes. I will admit, I do fail a lot in the cooking department, but I am trying to learn my way around the kitchen and create dishes that Davey will actually eat.

When I am not working or baking, I LOVE to work out. I am not a gym body though.....in fact, I loathe the gym. I will not waste my money on a membership when I can do all the good stuff in my own home or outside. I have a dreadmill treadmill that I have learned to love. I enjoy swimming, biking, and running. I compete in multiple triathlons every year and do a few 5Ks when they are in town. I recently have completed 2 half marathons and am in the "training" stages to do a full marathon in March 2013. Another big event I am looking forward to in 2013 is the Ragnar Relay SoCal!

Running has become a huge part of my life and I run every chance I get (although I do know how to take rest days and allow my body to "heal")! I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I also believe that there is no point in living if you can't enjoy the "sweeter" things in life. In fact, I used to over-indulge in the sweeter things in life which resulted in a ginormous weight gain (well, ginormous for me....). In the past year and a half I have lost over 50lbs. 

Here are my before pictures:

These were taken at Christmas time in 2007. 

I started my weight loss journey in April of 2010 to get ready for a vacation that June. I had only lost about 10lbs by that trip, but I was happy with that at the time.

Here I am with my "ginormous fun bags" (as my cousin put it) and my aunt and other cousin, Katelyn

Now, here I am.....

Now for the hard part, maintaining this weight loss. I know I can do it as long as I stay motivated! I am just hoping that my fear of getting fat will be enough motivation for me!!!!

Hope you learned a lot about me and didn't get too bored.....my life isn't all THAT exciting! ;)