Best Body Bootcamp

I am signed up and ready to start the Best Body Bootcamp put on by Tina Reale! It is an 8 week course and I will be documenting my progress throughout the entire program!!!! I am hoping this will tone me, get me ready for summer, and most importantly, aid in my preparation for my first 1/2 marathon on April 29th!!!

Wish me luck! :) <3

Week 1 Day 1(3/5/12)

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. It was time to get up and workout. I am usually up this early for my daily workouts, so at least nothing had to change in my daily routine. I put on my workout clothes, had some water and a cup of green tea (I read that it will actually help your workout and help you to go longer. Not sure if that is true, but what the tea IS good for you, so either way I am benefitting from it's awesomeness)! Off to the workout room I went.

The boot camp is designed to be done in a gym, but Tina also gives variations for people who are not members of the gym, like myself. Why pay for a membership when I have all I need at home for a kick ass workout? Thankfully I have a treadmill, weight machine, free weights, and as of Saturday, a resistant band! :D

I turned on the "Hard Rock Strength Training" station on Pandora and got to movin'!!!! The entire workout took me about 35 minutes. Day 1 wasn't as hard as I had expected (guess she is starting us off a little easy.....either that or I need to increase my weights....which I really need to do).

Although I start every morning off with a great workout, it feels great to be changing up my normal workout routine and have something to be committed to!

Until tomorrow!!! <3

Week 1 Day 2(3/6/12)

"I feel so good, I feel so numb"

Hahaha!!! Rob Zombie's "Feel So Numb" song came on Pandora right at the last 5 minutes of the last intense block on today's cardio block! It was the perfect song to get me through those last five minutes and I couldn't have said how I was feeling better myself! My legs were numb, but I felt sooooooo good!!! :)

This morning I started off with some water, green tea, and half of a grapefruit. I always forget how much I love grapefruits until I eat one. I then wonder why I don't eat them more often!!! Yum! After "fueling up", I headed off to hit the treadmill!

Today's Bootcamp workout was a 50 minute cardio block. A cardio block is when you do a high intensity cardio workout followed with a lower intensity one, then back to high, then back to low. I chose my treadmill since it was the easiest piece of cardio equipment I had available (I could have hit the streets, but why do that when I can stay in the warmth comfort of my own home? ;) ) I did the whole workout with the treadmill set to a 6% incline. I typically run on a 6% incline anyway, so why change that at all.....unless it's for a steeper incline.......hmmmmm!!!! ;)

The 50 minutes actually flew by and then I was done! :D I love the high you get from such a great workout. Day 2 of the Bootcamp has been great!!!! Looking forward to Day 3.......can I start tonight??? :P

Week 1 Day 3(3/7/12)

The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and I had to get up! Blah! I didn't sleep well last night due to waking up so many times to pee (the joys of drinking twice as much water as I normally do throughout the day.....but hey, gotta make those goals!) and the dogs cramping my sleeping space. I intentionally put my phone (which acts as a secondary alarm) in a spot in my bedroom where I would HAVE to get up to turn it off. I got up and went on with my morning routine......water, green tea, and the other half of my grapefruit from yesterday. By 5am I was ready to rock and roll!!!!

Today was another workout like Monday's, only with different strength workouts. Boy did this really kick my butt!!! By the third set I could barely do the single leg sit and stands and was shaking like an earthquake with my side planks with leg lifts! My legs were like Jell-O!!! It didn't end there, though. I then had some cardio to conquer! I decided to break up my cardio and do half running and half hills!!! When the time was up, I was DONE!!!!!

Today's workout really challenged me and reminded me that, although I consider myself to be in shape, I still have a lot of growth to make! I like it that way. Once you know you can conquer anything and everything is easy, well, that just makes working out mundane!

Tomorrow is a long cardio block again.....I just hope my legs are up for it! ;)

Week 1 Day 4(3/8/12)

Oh man, this morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck! I started to feel yesterday's workout in the afternoon and I knew that I was going to be sore in the morning. It was no surprise then when I struggled just to get out of bed! LOL!!!!

Again I strategically placed my "alarm clock", got dressed and hit the workout room for another 50 minute cardio block. Once I got started it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, it was still rough since my legs felt like 100lb blocks of steel, but I pushed through the ache and continued on! The hardest parts of the workout were actually the lower intensity blocks. When I would "slow down" my muscles would start to tighten up again.

Just like on Tuesday, the 50 minutes went by pretty quickly and I am ready to face the day. Tomorrow's workout scares me......there are some scary drills on there, but I am looking forward to working out with a friend of mine, so that should make things more fun! :)

Now time to fuel my muscles with some yummy protein oatmeal!!!! <3

Have a great day!

Week 1 Day 5(3/9/12)

Holy molys!!!! Today's bootcamp workout kicked me not only in the ass, but in the face as well. If the other day didn't make me feel out of shape, well then today certainly did the job! I struggled through the 3 sets of the strength and stability workouts. I was begging for mercy, but kept pushing on. I was NOT going to allow myself to give up!

After face planting into my yoga mat a few times, I made it to the last set of genie squats with leg raises and then belted for the door to go meet my friend Beth at the park for our weekly workout. Lucky for Beth, today is her birthday (Happy Birthday Beth!! We are becoming such old the ripe age of 28.....I still have a few months though ;) ), and she got to do my HIIT cardio workout with me! :D What a great friend I am, huh??? Beth is getting back into the fitness scene after having her son, so she has been doing some workouts with me to get her on track! So proud of the progress she has made so far! <3

I set up my Gymboss interval app on my phone and we started down the path! We covered about 2 miles doing this workout and then ended with another mile walk! I tried to get her to do the HIIT one more time, but she was having NONE of that! LOL!!!! Maybe next time I will leave her no option!!! ;) I know, I am a mean friend!

I made it through the workout and am soooooooooo glad that tomorrow is going to be my rest day! I have to work one Saturday a month and tomorrow just so happens to be that one Saturday, so have to start work at, my body needs a recovery day! LOL! I am so sore and I know that tomorrow is going to be even worse! But I love this feeling. It's great to know I am changing my routine up so much to actually feel those muscles that I have been neglecting!!!

Now I am eating breakfast and then off to make some cupcakes!!!! Hehehe! What a tease!!!! Have a great day! <3

Week 1 Day 6(3/10/12)

I have to work at the day job just one Saturday a happened to be that Saturday. All was good at work and then I came home with high hopes of doing Saturday's workout......any cardio activity that my little heart wanted to do. Well, my high hopes were crushed when I walked in the door and Davey said to me, "do you want to go to a BBQ at Jeff's house?" I can't pass up a BBQ at Jeff's house (LOL), so I said, "yeah, sure, what time?" The hubs replied with "half an hour ago...."!

There went my hopes of my workout....right out the window. So, instead of dwelling on it, I changed into my regular clothes (since I wear scrubs to work), headed to Jeff's house, and decided to just enjoy the day off!!! :)

Enjoy it I did!

Hope you all had a wonderful I have even higher hopes for tomorrow's workout!!!

Week 1 Day 7(3/11/12)

Daylight savings time started today.....but that didn't stop me from still waking up around 7:30 this morning....well, I guess it's better than 6:30 ;). Davey and I laid in bed until about 8:30 and then I got up and made us breakfast. He got a breakfast burrito and I made myself the norm......oatmeal. Oh how I love my oatmeal!!! <3

After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen and went to take a shower. I decided today was going to be a HUGE workout day!!! After my shower I put on my workout clothes and then headed to a local park. At this park there is a dirt path that runs around the entire park and is just about 1 mile in length. I was GOING to do 13 laps!!!!!

The weather was beautiful here in SoCal and I couldn't have asked for a better day to go for a run! The wind was blowing slightly and the sun was shining bright. It was probably in the mid-high 60s, and although I prefer the warmer temps, I thought it was perfect! :)

I set out my water bottles and GuChomps in front of my car for me to have when I passed by and then set up my Nike+GPS on my phone......let the run being! I started off really well and was totally in a groove until all of a sudden, around mile 5, something flew into my mouth. I figured it was like a pebble or something (I don't know why a pebble would be flying, but that was my initial thought). It wasn't until I got stung on my upper AND lower lip that I realized it was a bee!!! The burning from the sting slowed me down for just a couple minutes, but I told myself that I was NOT going to allow a couple little bee stings stop me from accomplishing what I set out to do!!!! Even if I had swollen lips, it would all be worth it at the end!!!!

So on I went, passing by the same birthday party every lap around (they must have thought I was crazy, or wondering when I was going to stop). My legs were getting tired, but I kept chugging along, thinking things to myself about the other people out on the track....
**Ok, so I saw 2 people out there on leisurely walks talking on their cell phones. You know you aren't getting a decent workout if you can talk on your phone. One lady was older and kind of rude (I passed by her many times and she never said "hi" or waved or anything; in fact she didn't even move out of the way for me......

I kept pushing myself each mile. One of my most favorite songs started playing (P5hng Me A*Wy by Linkin Park and Stephen Richards from Taproot)! Just the motivation I needed to keep going. Then I heard the news in my ears that I was close to completing my goal (I set my Nike+GPS for the "half marathon" mileage). OMG!!!! I was only .1 mile away from being done!!!!! It then came on saying that I had reached my goal!!!!! I had completed 13.1 own personal half marathon! I was so excited and proud of myself that I actually had to hold back the tears!!! LOL! Yes, I know, I am that corny, but I just wanted to cry......and scream that I had just ran 13.1 miles!!!!!!!!

I had to still finish that lap, though, to get to my car. When all was said and done, I had done 13.4 miles!!!! I drank some water and did some stretching!!!! I felt amazing and am so overwhelmed with the sense of achievement. It may have taken me 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 46 minutes, but now I KNOW I can conquer my half marathons I have coming up!!!!
I had a full battery at the start of my run....damn GPS taking up all my battery! ;)

Now just to invest in some compression socks cuz my calves are CRAMPING!

***Oh and note to self.....driving a stick after running over 13 miles is not very easy!!! LOL!

Adios and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!! <3

Week 2 Day 8(3/12/12)

This morning I woke up feeling not as sore as I expected. In fact, the only places on my body that actually hurt were my underarm on my right side from chaffing and my chest where I chaffed from my heart rate sensor! LOL!!!!

I was stoked to start the second week of bootcamp!!! Man, was it a killer though!!! I started off with the lunges, but adding in the pulsing at the end really made them burn! It was a lot harder than last week's workout, that is for sure!

I made it through all 3 sets and then on to my cardio. I guess my body was more tired than I thought because just a 20 minute cardio session really kicked my butt! I finished strong, though, and then started on one of my new goals for this stretch more!

The stretching felt soooooooo good after that workout and I think I am going to really enjoy reaching this goal this week (since I hated every day last week that I couldn't have my frozen yogurt!).

Looking forward to the week ahead with new challenges and more sore muscles! Love it!!!!

Have a great one! <3

Week 2 Day 9(3/13/12)

We all have those mornings where we just don't want to get out of bed. This was one of those mornings. The alarm went off and I kept pressing the snooze button. Finally, I forced myself to get out of bed. I got all ready for my workout and then lagged around a bit drinking my green tea and reading some emails (hell, I even Facebooked a little)....but then I told myself that I needed to get on that treadmill for some cardio blocks!

I did some stretching (one of my new goals I set out for myself this week) and then hopped on to that "running to nowhere" machine (I have a love/hate relationship with it.....mostly I love it though!!!). My legs were tired, my mind was blah, and the music selection was far from motivating.

Have you ever noticed that when you are pumped for an exercise and giving it your all, all the music that comes on is fast paced and keeps you in a pumped spirit, but when you are dragging, the music selection seems to as well??? Davey says it's cuz I am not "in sync with my iPhone...." I believe that is because I AM so in sync with it that it feeds off of my "blah" vibes and plays "blah" music...... ;) Hahaha! So not true, but that is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Anyways, I kept pressing the next button hoping for a better song......failure after failure. I pushed myself to keep going.....
I kept telling myself that.....but my evil mind kept combating me saying: "Fuck your goal! Get off this damn thing and relax!"

Oh no........Those evil mind games your head plays with you on a run.....sometimes they are good games, sometimes they are bad, but either way, I try to push through them and continue on.....and continue on I did!
Ok, this may be the wrong message to send out, but if it motivates me, then I am all for it!
Half way through the last higher intensity block, I had technical treadmill decided to just stop on me! WTF!?!?!? I reset it and continued on. Man, did not need that interruption. Shortly after getting back into my groove, the hubby walks in and decided to start carrying on a conversation with me......with just 3 minutes left! Ugh! He asked me if I was mad, cuz I looked mad, and I told him that I was not mad but just wanted to finish this run and I told him I had until [this] time until I could do my cool down. I had 3 minutes remaining and he states, "wow, you still have a long time to go..."!!!! Fuck YOU!!!!!!!! LOL! 3 minutes isn't very long, but it is when you have been wanting to quit since you started!!!! I pushed through those last 3 minutes, cooled down, did a little more stretching, and then hit the showers!

I am so glad that workout is over with. My body sure is feeling this boot camp!!! I am loving it though!!!! :D

Hope you all have a great day! <3

Week 2 Day 10(3/14/12)

I have officially hit a rut.....I woke up this morning not wanting to workout......again! :/ I hate that! I have "on" weeks and "off" weeks. This week is definitely an "off" week.

Once again I pushed through today's workout and finished with my cardio. I bought a stability ball over the weekend and was able to use that for the designated workouts. It was so much different than doing the moves over the arm of the couch. LOL! It made me really focus on my core and stability on the ball.

My left leg was hurting me this morning so I took it a little easier on that side, but still managed to complete all 3 sets along with finishing off with hill intervals on the treadmill. I was a sweaty mess, but I am proud that I at least pushed through my rut and did the workout!

Now it's time for work.....and I desperately need some coffee....

Week 2 Day 11(3/15/12)

This morning started off a lot better than the last 2 did! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to get on with my day! I am surprised (and a little bit disappointed) that I am not sore at all. Last week's "Wednesday" workout was felt for days after.....but not this week. Maybe my body is getting used to being pushed harder.....
I am going to stick to that one!!!! LOL!

Today was scheduled for another cardio block. I got some stretching in (gotta keep up on my goal!!!) and then said good morning to the treadmill. All 3 "intense" blocks felt really good and if I would have had more time, I would have done more after the 50 minutes was up.

I had a clear mind and no negative thoughts this morning and it made my run so much more enjoyable!!!!

Tomorrow is scheduled for yet another ass-kicking strength sesh and I am quite nervous (I DO remember last week's......)

Until then!


Week 2 Day 12(3/16/12)

Remember that funk I was in at the beginning of the week? Well, I think it is gone! :D

I had to wake up extra early this morning (and by extra early I mean at 4am instead of 4:30.....) since I knew that today's workout was going to take me a little more time than the others. The alarm went off and I was up, feeling refreshed and ready to take on Workout C!!!

Last week Workout C really kicked my ass and had me wishing I never would have started this boot camp. Today though, was a totally different story (ok, it still kicked my ass, but I didn't want to quit). I got through all 3 sets of the circuit without face planting into my yoga mat. Those damn mountain climbers still got me, but not as bad as last week.

It took me about 40 minutes to get through the workout and then I had the HIIT to do afterwards. I "HIIT" ;) (pun intended.......) the treadmill and got my sweat on with a constant run and recover. I wish the weather was a little nicer....and by a little nicer I mean I could have pushed myself harder out on the streets! ;) But none-the-less, I did the whole workout and any workout IS better than no workout!!!

We should be getting the next 2 weeks worth of workouts this weekend and I am excited, anxious, and yet nervous! LOL!!!! Can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks brings though!

Happy Friday and have a great one! :D

Week 2 Day 13(3/17/12)

Today was a rest day for me. No reason, no excuses, just took a rest day. I did do a lot of "running around" doing errands and such, if that counts as cardio ;) but not going to give myself the credit for it since it really wasn't a workout! LOL!

It felt great to have a "rest" day though!!! My left leg was hurting all week and taking a break today was just what it needed!

Week 2 Day 14(3/18/12)

I did an easy cardio workout today. Scrappy has gained some major poundage over the years and he has finally gotten to a point where I feel he needs a fatty intervention!
That's my fatty oombalaty!

I went out and bought him diet doggy food and decided he was going to start his own boot camp today!!!! He will be my only "boot camper" that will actually follow through (only because he has NO choice) ;)!!! I know, mean Mommy!

I decided the best thing to start him with was the Couch 2 5k workout plan!!! Hahaha!!!! Despite the frigid weather, I bundled up, leashed Scrappy up, and off we went. Scrappy used to be able to run 3 miles with me back in the day, which is quite impressive for a pug.....but these days, he was struggling just to do the C25K day 1 with me! LOL! I didn't want to kill him so we took it easy on some of the latter runs, as well as the uphill runs. He finished and made it home.

I plan to do these easy workouts (well, easy for me) with him on top of my normal BOOT CAMP schedule!!! I am hoping he gets into better shape so I can have my running partner back! ;)

Now just time to teach him how to run on the treadmill.......

Tomorrow starts a whole new set of workouts and I am really excited! After some confusion with the schedule, I believe I have it all worked out and can't wait to start them in the morning! 4am is going to come all too soon though......

Week 3 Day 15(3/19/12)

It's Monday yet again! How it comes so quickly every week. Where did the weekend go? Between running errands and getting stuff done around the house, I feel as though I don't get a weekend anymore. But none-the-less, it IS Monday and there is nothing I can do to stop it from coming......

This Monday started Phase 2 of the boot camp! That means, new workouts, new schedule, new confusions.....LOL! I sat down last night and looked up all of the new strength exercises so I would be ready to tackle them this morning. A new week also brings new goals. Although I tried to keep up on my water in take last week, I know I didn't. This week I am bringing back my water intake goal as well as keeping my "eat more veggie"! So no "new" goals for me, but some really good old ones....oh, and I have a goal to only eat frozen yogurt ONCE this week (I had it 4 times this week....had to make up for the previous week.....LOL)!

When the alarm went off this morning I was up and at 'em!!!

I got started right away (after my morning water ritual) with the 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill. Then it was time to do the supersets!!! Today's supersets were all about the legs. Man, my legs were burning and felt like jell-o every time I got back on the treadmill to do cardio. I found 2 new favorite exercises, crossover lunges and surrender squats!!! <3

The whole workout took me about 45 minutes, and then I spent about 5 minutes stretching (I know, not long enough.....and I don't have a good excuse as to why I didn't do more stretching......). I felt amazing after that workout!

Week 3 Day 16(3/20/12)

Have you ever woken up with the intentions of doing one thing, only to find out something different was on the agenda instead? This was me this morning....I woke up all ready for today's workout. I thought for sure we were doing Workout B. I put on my clothes and was soooooo happy to not have any cardio to do this morning (I just needed a cardio break today). I grabbed my workout list and looked down.....

Workout B was NOT scheduled for today, but a 30 minute progression interval was.......CARDIO......Now, the great thing with this boot camp plan is that you can totally switch up the days. You don't HAVE to go by what is on the written agenda, but for me, I prefer to stick with what is in stone and not change it, unless absolutely necessary.

So, I dragged my little butt into the workout room and had to pump myself up for the run on the treadmill. I have also been practicing running without music the last few days and I am actually doing pretty well without it. I don't want to have to rely on music to get me to run......I want to run for me!!! I stuck the workout sheet in front of me and off I went.

The 30 minutes went by rather quickly. I love having the constant "wonder what's next" approach with these cardio exercises Tina made up for us. It really passes the time away, and maybe that is why I haven't missed my music at all.

Once the 30 minutes was up I was pumped and didn't want to stop! I ended up doing an extra 10 minute run at a constant pace, for a total of a 40 minute cardio workout!!! Next up on the schedule was the core workouts. I set up my living room with the yoga mat and stability ball and got to it. My abs sure were hurting, especially with the ball pass. I ended up doing 3 sets of the core workout with 25 reps for each exercise (except for the ball pass; I only did 10 reps of those). My workout for today has been completed!!!! :D

I love working out in the morning, knowing that I started my day off right and that I don't have to worry all day about how or when I am going to squeeze it in after work!!!

Week 3 Day 17(3/21/12)

Oh man, so this morning I felt like I was in a funk again. :/ I kept hitting snooze on the alarm (and I didn't strategically place my phone last night....) and then I grabbed my phone and started playing Draw Something (do you play that game?? I love it and am addicted!). I know, great way to waste my time. Finally,  I dragged myself out of my warm, comfy bed at 4:50.

Yesterday I was super excited and ready to tackle Workout B. Today, not so much. I was lazy, but would have actually preferred a run day over a weight day this morning. Dammit.....I should have just switched the schedule yesterday. Oh well, I didn't and so off to do Workout B I was! 

I got all my stuff set up in the kitchen (great place to workout, huh? ;) ) and got down to business. I realized that I really need to invest in some larger weights. I found myself using both of my 5 pounders for some of the exercises, and others were just too easy. 

Workout B was fun, but I don't feel like I got THAT great of a workout. I am ok with that today since I am a little on the lazy side, but I was hoping to feel more burn.....which may be due to the lack of weight I was using.

So I sit here now, Workout B completed! :) It took me about a half an hour to do all 3 sets.

And as funny as it sounds, I am excited to bring on tomorrow's workout!!!!