Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Body Boot Camp.....Instagrammed......

*Not exactly in correct order*

Yes, there was 2 Day 51s in the boot camp! ;P Ooops....

This was my second round of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp and just like my first experience with it, I loved it!!!!! I am sad that it is over, but loved the workouts and the transformations in my body.

I can see more definition in my legs and feel that I am lifting heavier and my running has improved because of these exercises!!!!

I cannot wait until October 22 for Round 3!!!!! Which, by the way, registration opens TODAY for round 3, so better get signed up!!!!

The 3rd round will coincide with the FitMixer boot camp I started last week, but only for a couple of weeks!!!!

Let's rock the Best Body Boot Camp again, Tina!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work you have put into these training sessions and I hope you keep them coming! You are one amazingly awesome chick!!!!

Ending Results:

Weight: 114.9
Neck: 12.5"
Right Arm: 10.5"
Left Arm: 11.1"
Chest: 30.1"
Waist: 25.8"
Hips: 33"
Right Thigh: 20.1"
Left Thigh: 19.8"

**You can see my starting stats here!!!

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