Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Compression Socks

I just want to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my compression socks!

I currently have 6 pairs of them.....in different, fun colors!!!! :D

Purple, Neon Yellow, Black, Neon Orange, and 2 pairs of Hot Pink!

PRO Compression is the only company that I will buy my compression socks from. They have so many fun colors to choose from and their socks are just amazing.

I love to wear mine when I do long runs, before, during, and after half marathons, and even wear them at times when my little calves are sore.

Compression socks are designed to help with muscle recovery after strenuous activity. They aid in keeping the muscles from tightening up too much and becoming stiff.

I recently placed an order for their Limited Edition socks.....they are hot pink with black stars on them!!!!!! Yeah, I know, totally me, huh!?!?!?!! :D Well, when I received them, they had sent me a pair of hot pink ones.....hence the fact that I have 2 pairs of hot pink socks.....

I was not angry or upset because if it had to be any color that I was going to have 2 pairs of it would definitely be the pink ones, but I did decide to contact their customer service about this and see what I should do.

PRO Compression took such good care of me!!! If I was a happy customer before, I am an even happier customer now! They were quick with responses and handled my "issue" very well!!!!

I highly recommend PRO Compression to anyone....from runners to nurses, to anyone who puts more than 8 hours on their feet during a single day!!!!

Thank you PRO Compression for being wonderful people and making fabulous products!!!!! <3

This post was NOT sponsored by PRO Compression. These are my own feelings and I really do believe in their business and their products!

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