Monday, September 3, 2012

The Final Phase

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Last night we went to a bbq at a friend's house. It is always so great to hang out with really good friends!!!! :D 3 of our friends decided to have a rib cook off to see who could make the best ribs!!!

Clint tending to the bbq, Steve, and Tricia

 We went all redneck style and did the bbqing in the driveway instead of the back yard, like normal people would do......
Yes, that's an albino Lil' Wayne over there!!!!
Jeff tended to his ribs with the help of his helper, Albino Lil' Wayne....

Elliot even had some corn he bbqed up for all of us!!!! :D

Once the ribs were all cooked, we had a blind taste test with score cards and all!!!!
Biff's ribs on the left and Elliot's on the right

Elliot's ribs

Biff's ribs
Carver Clint sliced the ribs and handed them out on labeled plates!

We all tasted and made a unanimous decision....

Jeff was the major loser!!!! His ribs were still raw.....tough.....chewy......practically still oinking! Hahahaha! Poor Jefe! ;) Even the dogs wouldn't eat his ribs!!! LOL!

Biff eating his own ribs
Biff came in second place with his mustard bbq sauce ribs!!! They were delicious and I even took some home for leftovers!!!!!

Elliot won with an unfair advantage since he owns a bbq catering business! ;P

We all had full bellies after that challenge and hung out for a few more hours!!!

This morning we woke up and I made another microwave omelet for breakfast before starting my workout for the day! I started Phase 4, the final phase, of Best Body Boot Camp. I had to look up some of the exercises and then got started! I changed up the cardio a tad since I was short on time (had to take the hubby to get his truck at Jeff's house since he was a little too intoxicated to drive last night).

I got to wear my new, awesome Fitfluential tank I just received!!!!

Got to get sweaty in this bad boy!!!! I broke it in well.....

I was laborous on Labor Day!!!! ;)

I cannot believe we only 2 weeks left of boot camp!!! :( So glad that Tina has decided to do a round 3!!! So go sign up on September 17!!!!!! You can bet I will be!!!!!! :D

After relaxing all day, the hubby and I decided to spend the evening at the doggy park with Scrappy and Billy!!!

Scrappy chillin' before the dog park

Leashes on and ready to go!!!!!!!!

We loaded them up and headed off......


Billy and his ginormous tongue! Hehehe!

Scrappy loves to keep his front paws on the center console......he is such a little co-pilot!!!! ;)

It was such a gorgeous evening and perfect for spending time with all kinds of doggies!!! :D

I really love our dog park we have right down the street from our house! We have a huge back yard for the dogs, but it's great to see them out socializing with other doggies and making friends!!!!!

Davey and I enjoyed our trip to the dog park and it was nice spending some quality, quiet time with him. We don't get to do that much we my work schedule, so when we get the opportunity, we take advantage of it!!!!



  1. Clint said he threw up late last night, princess jeffe's sushi ribs!

    1. Hahahahaha!!!!!! So glad we didn't!!!! How many of Jeff's did he eat? Lol!