Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doggy Days

You all know I love my puggies oh so very much!!!! :D They are my children and they melt my heart all the time! <3

Billy and Scrappy
Coming home on my lunch break always brings such joy when I see these 2 faces!!! :D

I love how they wait by the door, waiting for Davey or me to get home!

Watching them sleep is [most of the time] comical.....


...and the sounds of their snores will crack you up! ;)

I also love our short walks we take, even if I have to end up carrying Scrappy home!!! ;P

Going for a walk!!!

Pooped out after their walk
And going to the dog park, watching them mingle with their doggy buddies is so fun to watch!


Scrappy paw! <3
Who would want [real] babies when you can have puggy ones??? ;) 


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