Saturday, September 8, 2012

I promise this won't take too long.....

Here we are, Saturday night, and I haven't been on all week to tell you about boot camp!!! What a bad boot camp blogger I am! ;)

It has just been a crazy, busy week.....and honestly, I don't have much to blog about and don't want to bore you all with pathetic excuses of blog posts.....just to post.

As part of the Best Body Boot Camp "rules", we are supposed to share about our workouts and experiences I still need to fulfill my, I do take the time and effort to make my pretty #proof pictures for Instagram, so why not share them with you all!?!?! :D

I hope you all remember Monday's workout. If not, you can read about it here!!!

Tuesday's Workout
Tuesday's workout was a "mountain" exercise that I did on the treadmill. Tina had us all start off on a low incline and increase the elevation every couple of minutes. Once at a max, we would drop back down to a low point and start again!

I started with a warm-up at 3% incline and moved my way up to 12%, which is as high as my machine will go. I was running most of it (between 5-6mph), but once I got up to around 8%, I had to drop my speed. Running on a hill is no joke!!!

I really want to build my endurance up for hill running, so this mountain climbing exercise was amazing!!!! As you can see, I busted through 4.1 miles and burned almost 600 calories!!!! That sure was a great way to start off the new work week! :D

Core exercises were also in store. I did them right before I went to bed! Great, got all sweaty before bed....oh well.....just going to wake up the next morning and get sweaty anyway! ;)

Wednesday's Workout
 Wednesday started off with straight sets of certain exercises, followed with pyramid training. Easily put, you would start with an exercise using a low weight and do, say, 15 reps, then up the weight and do 10 reps, then up it even more and do 8 reps, then go back down until you get to the lowest weight again.

The straight sets were fun and I broke them up with 5 minute cardio intervals. During the sets I squatted and I pressed......My muscles were feeling it by the end of each set. Running helped break it up, and kept me from having to do a straight 30 minutes of steady cardio on the treadmill.

3.2 miles in and some sore muscles for the days to come!!!!

Thursday's Workout
Thursday morning I had to get up bright and early to get my sweat on!!! The schedule called for a cardio HIIT. I love HIITs because they help break up your run by having quick changes in speed. This one called for 60 seconds of fast followed by 60 seconds of recovery.

It wasn't the longest workout, but was perfect for my short Thursday morning. Core exercises were also in call for the day, but I decided to wait until after work to do them since I had ran out of time.

For the first time ever, I really enjoy doing the core exercises that Tina has in this phase!!! This makes me happy since I really need to work hard on my core. I did 5 sets of the 4 exercises.....sorry I didn't get any stats on it, but it wasn't worth the hassle for a 10 minute "workout".

Friday's Workout

Friday brought the same structured workout as Monday's workout, only with different exercises. Instead of breaking up each set with a cardio blast, I did all 4 rounds of the exercises and then proceeded to do my "short mountain" workout. 

Short mountain is just like the "long mountain", only 30 minutes instead of 50. I wasn't feeling the cardio at all that morning and ended up decreasing my speed quite a bit. A lot less running compared to Tuesday....

I wanted to quit so many times, but am so thankful that I didn't let my brain affect my workout! ;)

Saturday's Workout
This morning I had to work.....yes, that dreaded "one Saturday a month" b.s. at my work. Blah! But anyway, I set my alarm for 3:45am (no, that is NOT a typo) and set off to do a quick and fairly easy workout this morning to get my blood pumping and my energy levels up!

I finally opened up my new DVD I bought myself for my birthday!!! Since I was in a core-loving mood this week, I knew I had to finally try this baby out!!!! :)

It was an intense workout and got me sweating WAY more than I expected to!!! Dripping sweat!!!!!

I don't know if it was just a good morning, or if the workout sparked my mood, but I was high energy and loving life today!!!! :D Nothing is better than feeling so wonderful......especially when you have to be at work at 7am on a Saturday!!!! ;)

So there you have it! My week's worth of boot camp!!!! ;)

So I lied to did take too long......sorry to waste your time..... ;)

More exciting stuff later!!!

{Like the FitMixer Boot Camp starting up on Monday! Can't wait to try all their amazing products!!!!}

....that is a promise I CAN keep!!! Hehehe! ;)


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