Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Letter

Monday started the first week of the FitMixer Boot Camp. I know I haven't mentioned much about it, but I will definitely be getting to that in another deserves it's own post! ;) 

This boot camp is not only for physical health, but also mental health. At first I was a little stand-off-ish about it and didn't care to embrace all that the boot camp has to offer. I was in it for the work outs. After watching our first webcast, though, my whole mind changed and I decided that I was going to take everything I can from this experience and go in full-force with all that it has to offer, and what they are expecting from me. 


A lot of (I should say most) girls/women have some sort of body resentment, body issues, or a strong hatred towards their body. This is not a good thing and the wonderful girls with the FitMixer Boot Camp want us all to love our bodies and remove all that negative thinking about it. Our first assignment is to write a love letter to our REMIND ourselves what we LOVE about our bodies and to stop thinking about what we hate about them. I am going to wing it and write what is on the top of my drafts, no cutting out stuff........

So here is my love letter......

Dear Body,

I want to tell you that you are so wonderful to me. I have put you through a lot and I appreciate all that you have accepted and done for me. For 25 years I neglected to take care of you. I ate junk and didn't try to workout or make you a better body. You did not give up on me though. You kept me healthy and never let me down. I commented about you in a negative way and hated you, but you still did not give up!

I am sorry it took me 25 years to realize that you are worth more than that junk and for me to start to treat you better. You have been an awesome body and have helped me to achieve things that I never thought I would ever attempt! You are one AMAZING body!!!!

Body, you have taken me on many journeys.....triathlons, half marathons, waking up and pushing through rough workouts at 4 in the morning. 

From this day forward, I will not put you down. I will always think of the amazing things you have done for me, Body. My body is beautiful! I am going to stop comparing myself to other girls, since we are all designed differently. My husband thinks you are sexy and still wants a piece of you everyday!!!! ;P 

Thank you body for putting up with all my shit for so many years. Here we are, at 28 years old.......starting a new journey together! A journey void of negativity and hatred, and full of love!!!!!





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