Sunday, September 2, 2012

Special Delivery

So, I got a package in the mail the other day!!!! 

Remember when I told you about my 2 boot camps I had coming up??? Well, with only 2 more weeks left of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp, that means that the FitMixer Boot Camp is getting ready to start soon!!!

FitMixer Boot Camp starts on September 10th.....Best Body Boot Camp ends on September I will have some overlapping. I really hope this will be ok! I am excited to try all of FitMixer's products that they sent me!!!

I received my protein powder, slim shake powder, and amino drinks just the other day......weighing in at a whopping 17lbs!!! Hahahaha!!!!! I have heard nothing but great things about the FitMixer products, so I hope to have great reviews for you as well!!!!!

Look at all that loot! 
The protein powder and slim shake mix came in 6 pound bags!!!! Holy molys! I also got a super cool FitMixer blender bottle!!!! :D Yay!!!!

The boot camp also has a customized nutrition plan.....I just hope I will still get to eat my yummy dinners like this one.....

Grilled chicken, brussels sprouts, and guacamole
Well here's to another great boot camp!!!!! :D

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