Sunday, September 9, 2012

The hubby knows me all too well.....

Davey has been gone all weekend enjoying his last trip to the river for the season.

I would have loved to go, but my work schedule did not allow such a thing to happen. It was our monthly Saturday to work, and skipping a Saturday at work is almost taboo!!! Everyone gets a little chip on their shoulder with you if you request a Saturday off for anything other than a funeral or wedding...... :/

Anyway, the hubs and I were texting the other night and we were talking about dinner. Here is how our conversation went:

Hahahahahahaha!!!! This made me laugh so hard! Of course I wouldn't be eating a double double with animal style fries......

....and of course he would KNOW I am eating something healthy that he thinks "makes the house stink"!

Sorry I love my brussels sprouts!!!!! :P

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