Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yo amo chorizo!


Chorizo chorizo chorizo!!!!

Why are people so shocked when I tell them that I love chorizo??? Is it cuz I am white? Are Mexicans the only people that are supposed to like chorizo? The hubby doesn't care much for it and he is 1/2 Mexican!!!! I just always find it so funny that when I mention to someone that I just LOOOOOVE chorizo they are blown's little ponders......I guess that is one answer I will never get.

Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest. I have this love with chorizo (well duh, I just said that). It's actually quite scary! This juicy pork sausage link thing is soooooo delicious that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Total foodgasm! Mmmmmm!!!!!

I mentioned before about the nice little romantic dinner Davey and I had the other night.....I talked about this amazing burger I had at a local Irish pub that was made with chorizo and ground beef and how I had decided that night to make myself this special burger. Well today, I blog about mentioned burger, and it's new, AWESOMETASTIC name.......

The Chorburguesa
(Slightly, and I mean SLIGHTLY adapted from Killarney's Irish Pub)
***Chorburgesa is a mix of chorizo and hamburgesa, which is hamburger in Spanish, in case you didn't know! ;)

(makes 2 burgers)
1/2 lb ground beef (any fat content you want to use is fine with this recipe)
4 oz chorizo (I used soy chorizo)
2 hamburger buns of your choice (I used Sandwich Thins)
2 slices sharp cheddar cheese (yes, use sharp cheddar!!!!)
Any burger toppings you want (I added some ketchup, Tapatio mustard, and onions to mine)

-Heat your grill up. I recommend using a charcoal grill, but gas will do, and a George Forman grill or skillet will do as well. I noticed, though, that when made on a char grill the flavor of the chorizo is more apparent.
-Place ground beef in a bowl

-Cut off a section of the chorizo sausage
 Yes, I know....this does NOT look appetizing, but this is some of the best stuff on Earth! I promise you that!

Section of chorizo

-Squeeze chorizo out of plastic casing and into bowl with the ground beef

-Get your hands dirty and mix all that together (your hands will turn orange, but don't worry, it washes off!)

-Flatten into a patty

-Place on grill and cook until meat is no longer pink
-Place 1 slice of cheese on patty and allow to melt
-Place patty on bun and add your toppings (this is burger designing, not rocket science! I am sure you can figure it out!!!)


 I served mine up with some tater tots! Yummm!!!!

Can you see the melty cheese?

NOW do you see it??? :D

Yum! Cheeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, wiping the drool off my chin now. Anyway, these burgers are amazing! This sure was a great meal to end the day!!! :)

After putting in some hours at the day job (yes, it's that time of the month again.....that ONE Saturday I have to actually work....FML.....) I met up with my [high school] freshman Biology teacher to do her make up for the Marine Corps Ball she was attending tonight. It was so much fun dolling her up. She is such a natural beauty and never wears make up, but it was awesome to see her all done up and fancified! 

She looked just stunning!!! Her hubby is one lucky man! :)

Last night was a boring Friday night. Being super old and all, and me having to work bright and ugly this morning (7am), the hubby and I just hung out at home twiddling our thumbs. Ever since laying my eyes on this beauty,
Photo is from the Williams-Sonoma website (link is above)

I have wanted very own pink metallic stand mixer. Well, I have one already.....a perfectly good white one......

It treats me well and has taken the abuse of making pounds of buttercream frosting for me. I cannot complain about it and I don't need a new one. But I REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYY and I mean rrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy want that pink one. My awesome uncle was even thinking about getting it for me for Christmas!!!! :D But see, I just couldn't let him do that. I need a new range first......remember that rant!?!?! And would really like a new pair of black Uggs, and not to mention all the things on my gift registry at Williams-Sonoma (yes, I made a gift registry for all the stuff that I want.....and YES, that mixer does so happen to make an appearance on this registry.....don't hate! ;) ). So, as hard as it was, I told my uncle to NOT get me my "oh-so-wanted" KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Raspberry Ice.....even if it DOES go towards Susan G. Komen.......*sigh*

Ok, enough sulking.....back to the whole reason on why I brought this up in the first place. Davey said that he would sand my mixer and paint it for me any color I want. I was stoked. Realism kicked in and the more and more we both thought about it, the more and more of a bad idea it may be to do such a thing. Taking it all apart......sanding the existing paint off......spray painting it....possibly getting paint in unwanted places......yeah, don't want to risk killing my beloved stand mixer just so I can make it pink. 

Well, I am obsessed with stars especially. Awhile back my friend (long story....) gave me a bunch of hot pink star stickers that she used to decorate her Rhino with
The girl in the driver seat is NOT this said friend......this said friend's ex-boyfriend borrowed the Rhino one desert trip and this is a dear friend, Chelsea! :)

I remembered having these stickers and decided to put them on my mixer to make it my own....a ONE-OF-A-KIND!!! Davey helped me with it since he is really good at applying decals to things and I am so excited about my "new" stand mixer.....or should I say, I am really excited about the facelift that my stand mixer got!!!!! :D 

Eeeeeks!!!!!! Try finding one of these bad boys at the KitchenAid store......or Williams-Sonoma!!! Maybe I should market this new design! ;) 

What do you all think? You like the new look of my mixer? 

Well, off to start doing something I have never done before.....I am keeping it a secret until another post! Hehehehe! Suspense!!!!

Have a wonderful night!!!!
<3 Amy