Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boot Camp!!!

Tomorrow starts a new journey for me! I am, once again, headed to boot camp!

Remember when I did the Best Body Boot Camp before my first half marathon? Well, Tina has decided to do a second round of her amazing boot camp and I am signed up and ready to start. I signed up about a month ago and have been anxiously awaiting July 23rd!!!!

I got my phase 1 plan emailed to me and the first week looks a tad bit more intimidating than the phase 1 in the first boot camp. I am looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to [hopefully] see the transformation in my body over the next 8 weeks.

Unlike the last boot camp, I have decided to take before and after measurements. Since I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to do my first workout, I thought it would be best to get all my measurements today!! :D

So here they are:


Weight: 114.7 lbs
Neck: 12.1"
Left Arm: 11.1"
Right Arm: 11.1"
Chest: 30.5"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 32"
Right Thigh: 20.5"
Left Thigh: 20.1"

The boot camp will be 8 weeks, and end on September 16th.


Boot camp won't end there for me!!!! Oh no! On September 10th, so a week before the end of the Best Body Boot Camp, I start another 8 week regimen.....

I got in early and registered for the FitMixer Boot Camp!!!! Woo! I have all my FitMixer products ordered and can't wait. This one is slightly different....there is a meal plan (which we all know is something that is hard for me to follow), and workout videos are emailed to you daily.

Over the next 15 weeks, I am hoping to see a good change in my body. I am not looking to lose any more weight, but to tone up!!! Healthier eating habits is a MUST for me starting tomorrow!!! Going to try to eat clean most of the time and stay away from too many processed foods. In this attempt, I have sworn off my beloved froyo (omg....will I survive???) until November 4th....well, with the exception of having it on my birthday next month, but that will be a total cheat day....sorry, but it's my birthday dammit and I will eat what I want. It will only be one day and won't kill me....and if it does, then shit, at least I will die happy! ;)

The blog here will change during my boot camp time.....not too many baked goodies, and my recipes will be healthy! Please don't get bummed out with the lack of sugary-filled yummies because the recipes I will post will be just as satisfying!!!! If they sound scary, step out of your box and give it a might be surprised and find that you actually like it!!!! 

Until tomorrow.......DAY 1!!!!


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