Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love it or hate it....

Waking up feeling like you have been run over by a truck.....

I have a love/hate relationship with this feeling. I love it, knowing that I am working my body harder than normal, but hate it because it makes that day's workout that much harder....and let's just face it, walking around looking like you have a stick shoved up your ass isn't very attractive! ;P

That is how I have felt for the past 2 days. I guess that Nike Training Camp app really kicked my butt! Hahaha!

Today's boot camp workout was the same as last Tuesday's, only with an extra set of "until fatigue" exercises. I sucked on my wall sits this morning since I was so sore. Again, I pushed through and made it to the end! :D

It was such a beautiful, cool morning, so I took advantage of the extra time I had (since it IS Tuesday) and went for a short little run in my neighborhood instead of doing the cardio part of the workout on the treadmill. It felt so great to get outside!!!

I must have died for a few minutes between my leg workout and my run, because shortly after starting the run I realized that my heart rate monitor wasn't detecting my pulse.....hmmmm......So, I had to end the "workout" and start a new one!

After my run I came in and did 15 minutes worth of stretching on the Nike Training Camp app. It was Shawn Johnson's stretching routine. I just love her! She is so darn cute! Hehehe!!!! And being a former gymnast, I have tons of respect for that chick! <3

Last night I was sore and decided that it would be a brilliant idea (sorry, been watching too much Top Gear UK....their slang is rubbing off on me!) to utilize my foam roller. I really need to start using that contraption more often.....my muscles will definitely thank me, and I need them to like me! LOL!!!

Rollin' one out!
That is an old picture of me foam rollin', but I didn't take any last night! LOL!!!

We also have been having some weird weather and thunderstorms are in the forecast for today....

That might explain the slight humidity that was in the air this morning... ;)

We did have a gorgeous sunset though! The sky was all orange and was really crazy looking. I love when nature plays with colors like that!!!! <3 So gorgeous, but totally weird for SoCal in July!!!

In celebration of the orange sky last night (but mostly because my calves are so sore.....) I am sport in' my bright orange compression socks today!

So attractive, I know! ;) Sorry boys, I am a taken woman! I actually got the orange for the Ragnar Race next year! Woo! Can't wait for that!!!!!

Speaking of races, I do have a little surprise coming up! Oh yes!!!! That will be for another day, though! ;D Sorry to leave you hanging! Hehehe!!!

Oh, and those awesome socks......well they are on sale!!! I just love my ProCompression socks! If you enter coupon code SOCKS you will receive half off! So normally $50 a pair, you get them for $25 AND free shipping! Not going to tell you which color I ordered.....it's a surprise....but go ahead and take a guess! Hehehehehe!!!!!!

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