Thursday, July 5, 2012

Evening Stroll

Tonight I took my Scrappy out on a walk in the neighborhood.

Davey had to go deliver a check to one of his co-workers, so I took advantage of the time and decided to go on a nice little stroll with my doggy! <3

*Don't worry, Billy and Zoey got to go on a car ride with Daddy to help him deliver the check!
Davey and his new "toy"....he loves that beast! LOL! Can you see Zoey taking a peek at the world? ;)
Scrappy and I took off and he was enjoying the nice cool air.

I guess I should say that he is taking ME for a walk! ;) We only did a short loop in the neighborhood since Davey said that I damn near killed him on our last walk.....which was only a mile and a half. To think, this poor little dude used to be able to RUN 3 miles with 1.5 miles makes him foam at the lips......I guess that means I need to take him on more walks. Bad doggy mommy! :(

Scrappy and I headed off into the sunset together....

We passed by this lady jabbering away on her phone.....she was wearing a BodyBugg, so apparently she is trying to lose weight. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but when you get passed by a 38lbs pug on a leisurely stroll, that BodyBugg and your walk aren't going to do much for you.

Sorry, mouth diarrhea....but some people just totally baffle me.

Anyway, after doing a lot of sniffing, Scrippits had to take a potty break.....

Yes, I am the dog mom who takes pictures of them while going to the least it was #1! ;P

We finished up our walk and made it home! :)

I sure do love walks with my Scrappy!!! <3

Before I head off to bed, though, I do have a recipe I plan to share with you soon. It is not for those cupcakes I have teased you about, but something very delicious, I promise!!!

Good night all!

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