Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bike Ride....Wine Country Style!

It is HOT here......H-O-T hot!!! Temps spiked to about 100 and that finally forced us to turn on the AC. I am a cheap-o and wait until it's just plain unbearable before I think of even flipping the switch on the thermostat.

See, quite a scorcher. I think it actually got hotter than that, but this is what the weather app said.....

My amazing friend Lori came up this morning to do a bike ride with me through the wineries. I live right at the bottom of wine country and had a fabulous route planned out for us! We got started around 6:30am, just in time for the sun to be coming up over the mountains and to watch all the hot air balloons tour the vineyards!

We headed off on our ride. The air was crisp and perfect....just a slight chill, but warmed up quickly. It takes about 1.75 miles before we hit "wine country" from my house. The view was just so gorgeous that Lori wanted to stop to snap some pictures!

So jealous of her and her new Lululemon cycling gear....

Why hello there! :D

The ride was quite hilly, but we were both prepared! Give us those hills, Temecula! Don't hold back! <3

Here is me climbing up one of the hills! :)
Lori is a beast, so she was a FANTASTIC riding partner!!! No whining (although we both wanted to do some wine-ing....hehehe) and kept pushing through. No stopping for rest breaks, only picture breaks! Didn't slow me down! She is one awesome fitness buddy! <3

We stopped at the top of that hill to take some more pictures....
Leoness Cellars

We finally got back on the road....which by the way, do you see the "bike lane" we have??? Or should we call it the "bike line" like Lori did!?!? Yeah, DANGEROUS roads for us to be riding on.....so we had to keep our focus on traffic! After so much climbing we got some "pity" from the road and had some great downhill coasting, hitting about 23mph!!! That is pretty damn fast on a mountain bike! :) The downhill was nice, but didn't last long before we hit another hill. All was good and we enjoyed the burn!

The route I chose for us took us on a big loop through the back woods of wine country, as well as down the "ever-so-popular" De Portola Wine Trail. We made it back to Rancho California Rd. and made a bee-line pedal to the nearest Starbucks! LOL!!! I ordered myself a Venti Iced Blonde Coffee (just coffee and ice) and Lori got an Iced Mocha!

Sippin' on some strawberry lemonade Nuun as well as my coffee!

The iced coffee hit the spot and gave us that caffeine high to get us the rest of the way back to my house.....only a mere 1.5 miles, but we had one more hill to tackle leading up to my place.

Once back at my place, Lori loaded up her bike and we chatted a bit more. We made it back just in time for the heat to come. I swear, the second we dismounted our bikes the heat rolled in and smacked our asses (may have had something to do with the black bike shorts I was wearing......)

We said our good byes and planned on another bike ride in the near future.....only this time I would head down her way and we would ride around Dana Point or somewhere in San Diego!

Lori and I did just over 24 miles today and if felt amazing! Here are the stats from our ride!!!!

Lovely chipped nail polish......

What a great way to start off a Tuesday!!!! <3

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