Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making Time....

I haven't made much time to blog the last few days, but I have definitely made the time to workout!

Boot camp continued on Thursday with a great, sweat inducing workout!

I did Workout C from the boot camp schedule and then a 20 minute run! As a pre-workout snack I ate that Detour protein bar up there that I received in my Bulu Box this month! I don't normally like protein bars like this, but this one was actually quite tasty. Texture wise it was like a typical "bar", but the flavor wasn't too shabby! :) 

Workout C was a whole body challenge. The walking plank exercise was tough for me. I pushed through for 45 seconds for 3 sets! I was a sweaty mess after those supersets.....and then it was time for the run! 

Thursday's workout took me about 50 minutes and burned about 340 calories! Not too bad! :)

Friday's workout was just another HIIT workout on the treadmill for me. I didn't have a lot of time (though I DID make time for my workout) so instead of doing 45 minutes like I did on Wednesday, I cut it down 5 minutes and completed a 40 minute run! I pushed myself a little harder since I wasn't doing the whole 45 minutes, and I also skipped out on the core workout.

.....425 calories burned later!!! Oh yeah! Felt so great! 

I found this saying on Instagram and it was just perfect for my Friday workout. I start work at 7:30 on Fridays and have to make the time to workout, even if that means that I have to get out of bed earlier! At 5:39 (the time at which I took that screen shot), I was already done with my workout....which was at 40 minutes! It's always so great to have my workout completed in the morning! I love the endorphins I have to get me through a rough work day!!!!

During my lunch break on Friday when I came home, I had to go check on Billy again.....since we all know how he can sleep through just about anything. Here is what I found lying in my bed....

Mommy's home, but don't worry about getting out of bed! ;)

A pug's life......

Saturday was a rest day for me. I slept in, headed to a 1 year old's birthday party, and then relaxed at home with the hubby. It was nice to just take it easy for the day. Saturdays tend to be rest days for me anyway, so this is nothing new. The hubby and I sat and watched many episodes of Top Gear UK and Modern Family. If you have never watched Top Gear UK, you are missing out. If you have NetFlix, I highly recommend you watch it ASAP! Hilarious!!!!!! It's a car show, so if cars are TOTALLY not your thing, you won't find it amusing, but as the British would say, the show is brilliant! 

Sunday morning came and I had to start doing my chores! house just plain sucks! I decided to make it a little more motivating and strapped on my heart rate monitor. I cleaned house for about an hour and a half and burned only a few calories.

I thought I would have "cleaned" off more calories than that, but I guess 200 is better than the small amount I would have burned while sitting on the couch! 

After cleaning I had worked up a bit of an appetite and decided to make myself a protein shake. 

This shake was so delicious! 

PB2 Banana Protein Shake
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 TBSP PB2
  • 1 serving (2 scoops for me) vanilla protein powder
Place all ingredients into a blender and blend well!

It wasn't very cold, so you could add ice to it, and it was very a milkshake......but very yummy! It filled me up and fueled me for my workout! I decided to break into my Nike Training Camp app and find a workout on there to do for my "optional cardio" day of boot camp. While looking for a good routine on there, I jumped in with both feet and went for an advanced workout. A 45 minute advanced toning exercise was chosen and off I went to give this a shot!

That workout kicked my ass!!! Holy molys! I was dripping sweat 10 minutes into it and probably added 5 pounds to my weight with all the sweat that my clothes soaked up. My legs and arms were shaky and it was tough, but like always, I pushed through!

If you want a killer workout, download this app and get going!

Davey and I went to In N Out after. I got a cheeseburger, protein style, and of course fries.....can't pass up french fries! ;)

Now it's time to get ready for the week ahead! My work schedule should be back to normal, which I am thankful for! 

I am thinking of getting off my lazy ass and taking my fatty, Scrappy, for a walk. We weighed in today.....I stayed the same.....114.7 pounds.....Scrappy weighed in at a staggering 39 pounds!!!! For a pug, that is morbidly obese!!!! Oh goodness......

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