Monday, July 23, 2012

All About Arms!

This morning I got up dark and ugly (4:30am to be exact) to start my latest boot camp journey!

I prepped last night by going through today's workout and making sure I knew how to do all the exercises. There is nothing worse than having to stop to look up proper form for an exercise in the middle of your training.

Today's workout was all about arms! I had bought a 10lbs barbell over the weekend and forgot it in my car, so I used my 5 pounders......even though it wasn't as heavy as the 10 would have been, my arms were definitely feeling the burn.

A few of the exercises in the supersets were set to "until fatigue". I liked this better than having a set number of reps so I could really push myself and get more out of the workout.

The second half of the workout was all cardio....a 20 minute HIIT!!! It felt good to run again, even if it was on the treadmill. For the last interval, I kept up the high intensity for 2 minutes instead of 1 and then did a nice little cool down.

The entire workout took me probably about 50 minutes, but burned some good calories (not A LOT, but a decent amount)!

I had a hard boiled egg as my pre-workout fuel! ;)
Tomorrow will bring a whole new set of exercises.......until then, I have to share with you some super cute pictures I got of Scrappy last night!!!! :)

I was trying to make my bed last night and he decided to come jump up while I was putting the fitted sheet on.....He wouldn't move and I had to keep pulling the sheet out from under him.....I finally got the bed made though and he was still passed out! ;)

Lookin' all sad cuz mommy was messin' with him while making the bed.....

Sleeping with his memory foam pillow!!! Yes, my dogs are THAT spoiled!!! They deserve to be spoiled though! Gotta love 'em! <3

Here he is this morning, still sleeping! I love how "humanly" he looks. Half covered by the blanket, feet hanging out (for cooling purposes, of course), and holding onto the pillow! Hahaha!!!! He sleeps just like his daddy! ;) So precious!!!! <3

And for the will NEVER find a child as cute as my pugs!!!! :P

Have a great day!


  1. Great job on the first workout. Glad you seemed to like it!

    And your dog is too cute! Reminds me of my sister's.

  2. I too started today, my arms feel like jelly tonight, haha! I have no upper body strength so it was a tough one. I am having to change up some of the days due to training for a 5k, and then next week I have vacay which means two days in the car so that one will be a challenge. I am so excited!!

    The dog pics are adorable!!