Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Wednesday....

Yesterday morning I headed out early to meet my friend, Chelsea, for breakfast. We went to this amazing little cafe in my town called Penfold's. They have been around for ages and their food is just simply delicious! Chelsea is in town from Alabama where she is currently residing due to education needs.....she is one semester away from graduating with her master's in speech pathology! Woo hoo! Way to go Chels!

I knew right away that I wanted an omelet since Penfold's makes the BEST omelets ever!!! I ended up ordering an egg white omelet with feta cheese, onions, spinach, and jalapeƱos! Yum yum! The meal came with a side of fruit and biscuits and gravy (which I had boxed up and took home for the doggies to eat).

I topped the omelet with some Cholula as well. Yum! I ate every bite that was on that plate! It was so delicious!!! A great, healthy breakfast after yesterday's workout.

Chelsea and I chatted a bit and then I had to skedattle to get to work! I made a quick pit-stop at my house though to feed the dogs the treats I had brought for them! The 3 of them always get so excited for special treats....especially Penfold's B&G!!!!

Billy digging in!

Gravy train!


Why me mommy??? Can't she eat somewhere else? :(
My poor Scrappy!!!! Gravy on his bottom lip and all.....don't feel sorry for him though......hehehe! ;)

Fast forward to this morning!

Oh goodness! I woke up and am soooooooo sore from that leg killer Tina put us through yesterday. I love waking up sore, knowing that I really worked myself the day before and am working muscles that I don't normally use. I was starting to feel the ache last night after work on my drive home. It actually hurt to push the clutch in....LOL! Thankfully I only have a 3 mile drive......hehehe! Despite being sore, and tired, I got up and was ready to tackle today's boot camp workout!

So how I felt this morning!
I drank my water and coffee and ate a hard boiled egg. Knowing that today's workout was going to be a tad bit longer than the other days, I decided to eat something so yummy! I created it in my morning delusion, but it worked great!

PB Banana Clif Snack

  • 1/2 small banana
  • 1 tsp peanut butter 
  • 1/4 Clif bar of choice
Cut the banana in half, length wise (after you cut it in half sideways). Spread the peanut butter on one side of the banana. Squish the Clif bar so it flattens out and place on top of PB. Top with the other side of the banana and enjoy!

I know it sounds weird, but was oh so delicious! GIVE IT A SHOT!!!!

Now, back to boot camp.....Wednesday, oh called for a core workout! Damn you! I hate core work outs, which is probably the reason why my core is flabby.....and unsupportive of my hips and causes me to waddle when I walk (this was a diagnosis I got from a doctor.....LOL)!!! I remembered the core workout from the first Best Body Boot Camp and was dreading today's as well! I pushed through 3 sets and then set off to do the cardio portion!

On the agenda were intervals!!! 45 minutes of them! Thank God I love running!!!! I was a sweaty, stinky mess after, but felt great!

Boot Camp Day 3 is officially conquered!!!

After I hopped off the treadmill, I did some stretching (this needs to be a goal of mine for next week....)! Zoey laid down and decided to do some stretches herself......

I had to snap this pic of her since her tongue was sticking out! Hehehe!

Now it's time to enjoy my bowl of oatmeal and head to work! Oh joy.....

Have a great day!!! <3



  1. I just finished the leg workout today. I totally agree with you on it being a killer. I am sure I will be super sore tomorrow. My top is still sore from Monday, I am a little sore from the core yesterday, so tomorrow I will be sore from head to toe, lol!! Oh but it feels so good :)

    1. Hahaha! Yes, I always love feeling sore for days after a workout. I had a co-worker tell me I need to take it easy since I am always so sore.....Lol! If you're not sore you're not working hard enough! ;)

  2. Oh and tell your friend to hang in there! I am an SLP in Louisiana, love my job :)