Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A pug's birthday!

Today is my Scrappy's 6th birthday! He is my "first born" and one of the love's of my life!!!! I cannot believe he is already 6! It doesn't seem that long ago when Davey and I made the 2 hour drive to the breeder's house to pick him up!!!! <3

This pug stole my heart that day! :D

Here is my Scrippits when he was [almost] a year old, and today with his birthday crown on!!! <3 He was so mad at me for making him wear that crown! Hehehe! What a mean mommy I am! ;)

And just in case you want some more cute action from Scrappy..... he is sleeping last night when I woke up randomly in the middle of the night! <3 Awwww!!!! I just love him so much!!!!!

As a birthday treat he got a huge scoop of peanut butter in the morning, and his favorite snack......french dinner time! He was so excited! I just hope he had a good little puggy birthday and knows how loved he is!!!! <3

Now, on to today's workout......

Today was a killer core workout and a 45 minute interval run!!! I was drenched in sweat once I was done!!! The run part was a little rough since my legs are still sore!!!! I am hoping that taking a couple rest days this weekend will help cure that!

This morning I did 4 sets of the core exercises, unlike last week when I only did 3! I made myself do that extra set! Need to get that core into shape.....PRONTO!!!! My abs were burning, especially with the V-sit move. That one is horrid, but I held it for 30 seconds, all 4 times! :D

Wow, boot camp day 10 already!!!! This is going to fly by just like the first one did!!!!

About a week ago I noticed a little bite on my arm with some bruising around it. I brushed it off to be just a bug big deal. Well, a week later, the bruising has gotten worse! :( I don't have any pain, my body feels fine, and I don't even notice anything is on my arm until I see it out of the corner of my eye.......and the weirdest part of it all is, I don't bruise easily......

I have been showing my co-workers and the dentist I work with. Some people say to give it some more time, others say to see a doctor immediately. Well, I am not one to rush to the doctor, especially since I know that they are going to tell me that it's just a bug bite and if it doesn't get better in a week or so to come back.....just like what all doctors say....Why waste my money for them to tell me the same thing they tell everyone when they don't know what is causing their ailment....??? My manager at my work was concerned and took my arm and drew around the bruise with a Sharpie so I can see if it continues to get bigger.....

So now I have got myself a lovely little forearm tattoo! ;) It's so weird going on with daily life with that on my arm......I have always wanted a forearm tattoo.....but after this, I am second guessing that one! ;)

The yellow ring in the center is where the puncture was from the bite. It was a single puncture wound, so that would count out any type of spider.....unless it was a one toothed spider.....hmmmmm. But something really attacked me in my sleep, obviously! I just hope it gets better so I don't have to go to the doctor!!!! ;)

Ok, so I have waited long enough to tell you all my surprise!!!! It may be Scrappy's birthday today, but I have a little birthday present waiting for me......I am going to be running the America's Finest City half marathon the day after my 28th birthday!!!!! My friend Jaimee, whom I ran La Jolla with, was signed up to run to complete the Triple Crown.....but her knee has been acting up and she won't be able to run in the race. I will be taking over her bib and running in her place! I am excited and nervous because I was approached with this on Saturday......only 3 weeks before the race!!!!! No time to plan or train......I just hope my little legs are up to the challenge again!!!!!

More details to come......

And in closing, the birthday boy just farted.........

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