Sunday, August 12, 2012

Power Outage!

This morning I woke up around 7, which is technically sleeping in for me. My body doesn't know how to sleep later than 6:30, so this was a welcomed surprise!

I actually like waking up early because I feel like I get more accomplished and I have more time to do things during the day. I would actually be quite pissed off if I slept in later than 9am I would feel like I wasted half the day away.

Anyway, I got up and immediately started the coffee pot! We all know this girl NEEDS her coffee!!! ;) Sunday morning means that it is my weekly weigh in!!! The TV got turned on and the Wii Fit was fired up! I stepped on to do my body test and found that I had lost .9lb!!!! Woooo!!!! I am just inches away from being 114lbs! Hahahaha!!!!! It kind of scares me to think that my weight will eventually start to incline again since I want to keep building muscle, but I really have to keep in mind that my "weight" is JUST A NUMBER, and it's all about how I feel and look that is most important.

Right after I weighed in, I decided to weigh Billy. His weight stayed the same and I set him on the ground. Shortly after, the tv turned off, my coffee pot went blank, and so did the microwave.....oh crap.....a power outage. With the heat that we have been having, I was hoping it wouldn't last too long since 1) I didn't want the stuff in the fridge and freezer to go bad, and 2) we were desperately going to need the AC today!!!!!

Yeah, it was just a tad bit hot out there.....and this was in the shade.......

My friend Lori told me I should go for a run since I have nothing better to do (I couldn't even make my oatmeal fro breakfast.....), but it was too hot for a run. I have become a severe weenie with running with the heat.

Thankfully, the power was off for only about 30 minutes, and then everything came back on!!! Good thing....didn't want to melt!

Once the air came on I immediately made and ate my breakfast! So yummy, as usual! :D I then took Lori's advise and went for a run....but on the treadmill! Day 21 of Best Body Boot Camp was in the books and week 3 was complete!!!!

Since there is an "optional cardio" day each week, I just made up my own workout. I decided to do some arm exercises in between cardio bursts!!! My final stats were......

What a great Sunday workout!!! <3 I say that every day, huh? LOL!

I managed to complete 5.6 miles, which is extraordinary for me on the treadmill!!!  With all the running I have been doing again lately, I decided to wear my Mizunos today. The only problem, they don't have that fancy Nike+ sensor holder in them. So, a little tuck into my laces did the trick!!!

A little sensor tuck! ;)
Some stretching was in order after that workout, and then so was a shower........

While browsing Instagram today, I found this awesome sign that I feel would be the perfect "entry picture" in the entry way to my home

This couldn't be any more true! <3

Now where to get one.....????

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