Saturday, August 11, 2012


Runger is a real thing....

Exhibit A:
My recent craving for peperoncinis!!!!

Yes, that is a large jar of peperoncinis. Does anyone else ever crave these?

If you don't know what "runger" is.....

Take a look at #15

Runger is having strange cravings at strange times. Kind of like being pregnant....

I have always loved peperoncinis, but for some reason I have been craving them like a mad woman. I finally got a jar yesterday from Target and as soon as I got home I dug in!!!!!!


You should seriously take a look at that whole is quite amusing and informative! ;D

Now to catch up on the week......

Quite a bit has happened since my last post. Boot camp has continued......of course! I kicked some bootay this week!!!! Lots of great workouts!

Wednesday's workout was a fun one! More supersets with circuit intervals intertwined! Like I have said before, I really like breaking up the workouts like that!!! :D 

Not too shabby, shredding off over 450 calories!!! Oh yeah! 

Wednesday's Workout

And notice my pretty pink cup up there??? Enjoyed some yumsilicious Click before this workout! I love to mix one scoop of mocha with one scoop of vanilla! So yummy! I saved a little bit to add to my iced coffee to take to work with me!!!! LOVE that Click!!!
 I HIGHLY recommend it (and they aren't paying me in free Click to say that.....I truly LOVE Click....and the hot pink tumbler doesn't hurt either ;P )!!!!!

I have a love/hate relationship with Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Those are my late days at work, and I really hate working until almost 7pm......but I do love all the extra time I have in the mornings to do a real good workout. Thursdays are just the opposite! I love Thursdays (not as much as I love my Click though... :P ) since I get off around 5.....but that means that I have to make sure to be UP by 4:30 if I want to get my workout on!!!!! 

Thursday called for some core exercises and progression intervals! I did 3 sets of 25 reps of each of the 4 exercises and then moved on to my cardio intervals! 

The cardio was VERY similar to one of the exercises in Phase 1 of Best Body Boot Camp. So similar that I already had a timer made for it in my GymBoss app on my phone! ;) So similar that I remembered that I had done it using speeds 5, 6, and 7 mph. This time around I did the warmup AND moderate intensity interval (so the slowest intervals) at 6 mph, stepped up to 7 mph for the next interval, and hit 8 mph for the fastest interval! So happy to have some awesome progress! Gotta toot my own horn and be proud of myself!!!! <3

I love sprinting! It makes you sweat like crazy, gets that heart pumping, and uses totally different muscles than those you use during a normal run!!! 

I sure do love a lot of things tonight, don't I!?!?! ;P

I got 2.6 miles completed in that 30 minutes (which is really good for me on the treadmill.....going off topic a tad here, but does anyone else run slower on the treadmill than outside? I can run an 8 minute mile outside, but turning my treadmill up to an 8 minute mile is killer!!!!!!! Why is that????) and burned over 300 calories! Pretty good for a quick Thursday workout!!!! :D

Thursday's Workout

Ahhhh Friday! TGIF!!!! I love Fridays, but normally have to go into work pretty early (7:30). This means that I have to be OUT OF BED by 4am!!!! One Friday a month, though, I get to "sleep in" because I don't have to work (but that means that it's that dreaded time of the month where I have to work that Saturday).....

Friday's workout was going to be a long one, which I knew ahead of time. I almost changed the schedule up a tad and would have switched the "optional cardio" day for Friday and done this workout on Sunday.....but then I remembered that I didn't have to work, so I didn't have to switch the schedule after all....and took advantage of all my extra time! :D

Planned for Friday was Workout C.....3 sets of different exercises done in 10 minute intervals; as many sets as you can in that ten minutes. There was also a 20 minutes "steady cardio" on the books, but I decided to make things a little different and incorporate my favorite way to exercise! ;) 

I started with a 10 minute warm up on the treadmill (running at 6mph), then set my timer for 10 minutes and did the first set of exercises. I managed to complete 2 2/3 sets before my timer went off. I realized that I wasn't very good at doing things for "time". LOL! When the timer went off, I hopped back onto the treadmill for another 10 minute run (again at 6mph). Then off to do a different set of exercises for 10 minutes.

The second set I was only able to get through 1 1/2 sets.....I am so pathetic! LOL!!!!! Guess I know what I need to start working on. Then another 10 minute run.....then another set of exercises. I think I got through 2 sets of the final group, and hit the floor to do some major stretching!!!!! I did manage to burn through some MAJOR calories though! So proud of myself!!!! :D

Friday's Workout

I was so shocked to see how many calories I had burned after that workout!!!!! 743!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my workout I took some progress pictures.....look at my arms!!!! Yay!!!!!! Love seeing some definition! <3
That's right, I am a f<3cking princess, mkay?
 I can't believe that when I bought that tank top it used to fit me perfectly!!!!! Now my boobs don't even try to hold it up!!! ;) No complaining though! Would rather it be that way....55 pounds.....GONE!!!!!

Tried to get a picture of my shoulders!!! <3

I want to get ONE THING STRAIGHT though....I don't want to get buff.....I just want to tone and not be flabby! Flabby skinny is not skinny is! ;)

Speaking of BOOBS.....gotta check out my girl crush, Jenna Marbles' new video.....just do it......NOW! I won't be mad that you left my page to go see opens a new tab anyway, so you can easily click back to here! ;P

Now, earlier I mentioned that quite a bit has happened this week......I do have a few things to share.....but I think that this post has been long enough, so I will spare you the boringness and save that for another post!!! ;) Ok!?!?!


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  1. 55 lbs?! You rock!!! Love your positive outlook. I could use more f that.