Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Week Of Boot Camp

I have not posted anything about boot camp all week, but don't think I didn't bust my little butt doing week 4 of these killer workouts!!!





All the workouts were the same as week 3, but I did push myself harder with the weights and took it a little easier with the cardio. My body wasn't feeling the cardio this week, so I listened to it and slowed down a bit. It was great to feel the burn from the weights though!!!!!

I am loving the fact that I am using heavier weights and have been noticing some definition in my arms and if only my abs would magically start to tone! ;)

For my birthday I DID treat myself to a new DVD though.....Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Abs!!! We all know I HATE core work, but hopefully this DVD will motivate me to work those abs and get them toned.....or at least make it so my tummy isn't so flabby with extra skin! I don't strive for a 6-pack, but just flat abs, please!!!! :D

I cannot believe that we are half way done with Best Body Boot Camp already!!!! Only 4 more weeks to go. Phase 3 was emailed to us last night and I am a tad bit nervous of the new system of workouts Tina has set up for us!!!!

A little nervous, but a lot excited for Phase 3!!!!!!!

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  1. Love the photo recaps of all the workouts! Glad you're getting stronger! And that DVD as a reward sounds so like something I would choose too. ;)