Sunday, August 12, 2012


In yesterday's post I mentioned that I had some things to share with you!!!!

I decided to extend the excitement.....or today's post!!!! :D

You're welcome!

A couple weeks ago I shared with you all that I was going to be racing in the America's Finest City half marathon the day after my birthday. Well, after sleeping on it for a few nights, and really thinking about it, I ended up declining Jaimee's offer to buy her registration for the race.

I wasn't really looking forward to it. I was going to be going alone, and I was going to have to get down to the race's finish line before 6 am to catch the bus to take me to the start line. This would mean that I would have to leave my house by 4am.....which meant getting up around 3am. None of that really sounded appealing on my birthday weekend.

Another factor leading to my decision was the fact that the hubby has been gone so much this last week that I really want to spend some time with him next weekend.....and going to the race would take about half of the day on Sunday.....including leaving while he was still sound asleep in the bed with the piggies. :/

So, I backed out.......

BUT!!!!! I am keeping my half marathon love alive by signing up for a {more} local one in November!!!! This one is practically in my backyard! The start/finish line is only 3.8 miles from my house!!!! Oh yeah!!!!! The Temecula Half Marathon is going to be so much fun! My friend, Janelle, convinced me to sign we will have each other for support! I cannot wait! Although it won't be as easy as the AFC half (which is practically all downhill), it will challenge me, and best of all, it is sooooooooooooooo close to home! ;)
And at $40, is a total steal for a 1/2 marathon!!!!
With the weather we have been having as well, it will be nice to run a fall race instead of a summer one! Although, November 4th may still be a hot day because I will be there! ;)

Our weather has been so weird lately! We had thunderstorms!!!! SoCal having thunderstorms in the middle of August!?!?!

On my way home from my grandparents' house
I am telling you, this whole "2012" thing is becoming more and more realistic!!!! It's kind of scary if you ask me......

It was muggy out there.....yuck! I had decided to visit the grandparents and when I left my house it was all hot and sunny......but when I got close to their house, it started raining. I pulled up just in time for the downpour! My grandma even came outside and asked if it was hailing!!!! Those were some heavy rain drops!

The rain only lasted for about 10 minutes and then quit. stayed cloudy and muggy for the rest of the day, and when I left their place, I hit a little more rain on my trip back home.

Thankfully people in Southern California know how to drive in the rain.......




Once I got home I made myself some dinner! I have been craving an omelet lately......really with the runger? So I made a yummy one!!!!! Not really an official recipe, but will still tell you all about it!

I scrambled one egg and 2 egg whites (Egg Beaters) together with some pepper. Then chopped up some grilled chicken, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, carrots, and a brussels sprout and threw it into the eggs. I then chopped up a wedge of Laughing Cow Light French Onion cheese and cooked it, omelet style, in a bit of EVOO and sesame oil until it was done! To finish it off, I squirted some Sriracha on it! Yummmmm!!!!! This was such a great omelet. All it was missing was some jalapeños.......or maybe even some peperoncinis! ;) Hehehe!

Definitely next time!

So I got this cute new shirt!!!! I love burpees and here is a tank to show that love! I got it from Sparkling Sports Shirts and just love it. Now, I ordered a small (the smallest size) and it is big on me.....but that won't stop me from wearing it proud! Hehehe!
*Just so you know so if you want one, order accordingly! ;)

The back of the shirt is written upside down! Love it!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! Gotta go burpee!

The hubby thought it had something to do with burping babies......uh, HELL NO!!!!! Anything BUT that! LOL! I should make him go do 10 burpees for thinking that, and then 10 more for spewing his word vomit upon me!!! ;P

Some more randomness.....

One of the gorgeous flowers bloomed from my bouquet that Davey got me! <3 So pretty!!!! :D

And something from my dream man......
Oh Mr. Statham, how I want to wash my face on your abs.........


Again, you're welcome! ;P

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