Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making the best of it...

As you all know, this past weekend was quite hard on me.....

I lost a classmate to war and my dog to a car. To make matters worse, the husband was gone for the weekend, so I was all alone. Thankfully I had my BFF with me in the morning for the classmate's funeral (you can read her post about it here....really check it out! She is amazing), but still had to come home to an empty house later that day. Then getting the phone call about Zoey and not having a warm hug from Dave really made me feel even more alone.

But I can't dwell on that. Sunday was a new day, and I got to spend some time with my friend Chelsea, while she is out visiting from Alabama! We went shopping and I got myself a super cute new dress!

Super cute dress for only $20!!! Score!
I also got caught up on laundry and did some house cleaning! Sunday was a good day, despite the random tear fests when I would start to think of Zoey.

Davey texted me and told me that he was headed home that night (he was originally planned to come home Monday morning)!!! I was super excited.....even if he was going to be getting home in the middle of the night! At 12:30am, he walked into the bedroom door and I was so happy to have him come lay next to me.

Even though the hubby was home, Monday morning came and my routine had to hold strong! I got up to start Phase 2 of boot camp and get ready for work!

Monday's workout incorporated some weight supersets and cardio intervals in-between. These are my favorites! I love having the workout broken up like that. A little weights here, a little cardio there.....I blasted through it and then hit the showers.

I then spent a few minutes with the hubby before leaving for work. While at work I got a text from him saying that he was wanting to go ocean fishing with his friends......this would mean he would have to leave that night and wouldn't be back until late the following night. At first I was upset because we still had to deal with Zoey's body, and he had been gone all weekend, and I was emotional and really wanted him home. But I put myself in his shoes and knew that his best friend is here for only a short time and that he was also suffering from the loss of Zoey, so I told him to go on the fishing trip and to have a good time!!!! I then received this text from him:

Yes, my nickname is Munchie and yes, we call the pugs piggies.....LOL! Don't judge! ;)
I also came home from work to these on my counter....

He sure does know how to make me feel special! :')

I actually got to see him before his friends picked him up, so that was really nice. Made my day a little better, especially since this meant that I was going to have to deal with Zoey alone. We talked about what we were going to do with her. I really wanted to bring her home and bury her in the backyard, but Dave didn't want to see her (I almost think he is taking this harder than me.....gotta stay strong for each other). So we decided to just have her cremated and let them take care of her ashes. Sounds mean, but I know it would be too hard to have her box of ashes in the house for Davey. I do plan on burying a picture of her along with her collar in the back yard and placing some flowers on top. It is a good feeling knowing that she is finally laid to rest.

Now, enough with the sob fest, because I hate crying and I want today to be a more positive one!

I am so far behind on my boot camp posts for you!!!

I finished Phase 1 off strong.....with killer workouts on Thursday and Friday!

Thursday's stats

Thursday was a full body workout (with those damn walking planks again) and a 20 minute steady cardio session!!!

Friday was a 45 minute cardio interval workout!

Friday's stats......and a sweaty mess!

As you can see, Friday was a killer one for me! I was drenched from head to toe, but it felt amazing! I was so proud of myself because I had ran the entire time!!!! No walking until the very end (last couple minutes) of the cool-down! Due to time, I had to skip the core workout.....bummer.....LOL!

Saturday was a much needed rest day! I always look forward to rest days! Hahaha! Sunday I ended up not doing anything either. Just wasn't in the mood....the motivation wasn't there. I had planned on going for a run, but just didn't do it.

Fast forward to today!!!! This morning brought in that dreaded core workout! Ugh! I did 3 sets of 25 reps of 4 different core exercises. My abs were burning!!!! Then I hopped on the treadmill for a 50 minute cardio interval workout! Tina sure is kicking my ass this time around!!!!

I finished the workout with some stretching on the floor!!!

Kinda looks painful! Hahaha! But felt so good!!!!

Why hello there sweat!!!!
I am so loving these workouts!!!!! For as long as Tina keeps putting on these Boot Camps, I will keep signing up!!!!!!

Oh, and remember my super awesome orange compression socks!?!?! And remember how I said I ordered a new pair??? Well here they are......

....did any of you guess the right color??? LOL!!!! If you guessed hot pink, you know me too well.....but I already have a pair of hot pink ones, DUH!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!!

Well, must be getting off to work.....but today is a new day, Zoey has been laid to rest and is watching over us in doggy Heaven, and all I can do is make the best of the days to come. Life will go on, just like it did when I lost my mom. Each day will get easier, but just got to make the best of each day as it comes!

Have a wonderful Tuesday all!!!


  1. Sorry about the rough weekend, but glad things seemed to have turned around. How sweet of your husband. Perfect example of a couple being a team and being there for each other. You for him and him for you.

    PS - Great job on the workous! love seeing all that sweat. ;)

    1. Thanks Tina! I am so thankful that we do have each other to lean on for strength and support!

      And I am totally loving your Boot Camps!!!!! I saw that another one is in the making for later this year! I am already excited!!!!

  2. Your husband is a total sweetheart!

    So I have never used compression sock, but am tempted for my first marathon, but not sure if they're worth it or when to wear them (during training, the race, post workouts, etc.)...suggestions/advice? I don't have huge problems with my circulation (I don't think anyway) or anything, but my legs obviously get tired from long runs.

    Thanks again for the package :)

    1. I love my compression socks! I always wear them 2 days before a race and 2 days after......I have ran one half marathon with them and one without. I didn't notice much of a difference either way. I don't have a problem with circulation either, but thought that they couldn't hurt! ;) I also love the colors and coordinate them with my outfits! Hahaha!!! They are pricey, so try to find them on sale. Sign up for Schwaggle deals (Google it) and you should receive deals from Pro Compression every now and then for 1/2 off and free shipping OR buy a pair, get the second pair free. I am trying to collect all the fun colors! Hehehehe!

      I am glad you really liked your package.....you are very welcome! :)