Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday!!!

We have officially made it to hump day! I am so glad......the weekend canNOT get here fast enough. I am totally looking forward to the 3 day weekend. Don't have any real plans, but it will be nice to have 3 full days off of work! :D

It has been almost a week, though, since I have talked about boot camp!!!! I won't waste your time in going into too much detail about the workouts, but will photo bomb you with my Instagram updates! ;)

I believe I left on with Thursday......
Thursday's workout
 Thursday was a cardio day.....long intervals!!!! I kept up my pace pretty well and chugged along. As you can see, I was dripping with sweat after that run! I finished up with some stretching and then headed off to work!!! {I also had my yummy Click to fuel my workout!!!!}

Friday's workout
On Friday we had a list of exercises that we had to do 3 circuits of for time! Reminded me of the way CrossFit is broken down. I got through them, but didn't feel like I got a very good workout from it.... :( This is the first time I have been disappointed in a workout from this boot camp. But maybe I need to see the brighter side of it and think of it as an "easy" day....and be thankful for that! :D

I took rest days all weekend!!!! Taking advantage of the rest days I got caught up on laundry, cleaning the house, and squeezed in some friend time as well. My new neighbor and I took our dogs to the dog park on Saturday evening! Lots of fun as always!

On Sunday I went to go see ParaNorman in 3D with my friend Amanda. It was a cute movie.....but may be too scary for young kids. We also did a little shopping and I got this cutie....

New car buddy!!!!!

Monday started week 6 of boot camp!!!! Can't believe we only have 3 weeks left!!!! Crazy how the time flies (even if the weeks seem to drag while we are living them). Week 6's workouts are just like week 5's, only with an extra set of "heavy sets" on the weights! Doing this extra set was tough, but I love feeling sore the next day, knowing I worked those muscles well!!!! <3

Monday's workout

Tuesday's workout
Tuesday was another 30/60/90 cardio interval workout! My legs were heavy, but once they warmed up, I felt great and kept on running!!! Did just over 4 miles in 44 minutes!!!! I am so stoked that my treadmill "average pace" is finally decreasing!!!! :D

I also had another Iced Oatmeal Cookie Clif Z Bar as my pre-run fuel! Those things are so delicious!!!! It's hard to not eat more than one! ;)

Wednesday's workout
Now for today's workout! Weights again. My arms and legs are still a tad bit sore from Monday, but I got through all the sets, including the extra "heavy" set!!!!! I really felt the burn today.....working out like a Superbeast!!!! Hahaha! I love Rob Zombie! The hubby left a little earlier this morning so I was able to turn some music on and #liftheavy to some great jams!!!!!

Enough about my workouts.....hehehe!!!

Today is my friend Kim's birthday. Kim is a special girl (not that kind of special....) whom I have known since kindergarten!!!! Her and her twin brother, Ryan (no, not any of the Ryan's I have mentioned before) turn 28 today!!!! Welcome to the club my lifelong friends!!!! ;)

Ain't that the truth......LOL!!!

Well I made Kim something specially for her birthday today (since we work together!!!!).....but you will have to wait to get the recipe!!!!

A little's super yummy!!!!!!!

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