Friday, August 26, 2011

My First Cake Decoration Store Journey!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your day is going well and you get your weekend off to a wonderful start! I went out exploring a couple of cake decor places in town today. I wanted to pick up some stuff for my new cupcakes I am going to make next weekend!!!! I am so excited to be making MARGARITA CUPCAKES! I also can't wait to blog about them either.....with LOTS of pictures!!!! Yayayayyaya! The first place I went to was Pila's Pantry. It was a cute little hole in the wall store with lots of cake decorating things. They had everything you could need. I was bummed since I didn't find anything that would go well with my margarita cupcakes.....they didn't even have lime green sanding sugar, but I turned onto another isle and almost screamed!!!!!! I found these super amazingly awesome cupcake baking cups. They had regular sized and mini! Woo hoo!!! Love the mini cupcakes! The best part.....there were zebra ones and leopard ones! Totally cute!
Cute, huh? I know! :D I also picked up a couple plastic "to go" cupcake containers for transporting my creations, and a couple frosting tips. I then headed down to pick up a couple things for the hubby from another store. I had wanted to go to this other cake place, but it was allllllllllll the way in Murrieta, and I didn't feel like driving all the way over there. Well, after deciding to head home, I got a wild hair to make a U-Turn and head back towards Murrieta! What the hell, why not???? So, I made the journey to the far away place (like a 10 minute drive) and pulled up to The Cake Cottage. I walked inside and was blown away at how super cute this place was. It was the total opposite of Pila's Pantry; all done up cottagy and cute! I looked around for more cupcake decor ideas. I was so stoked that I found my lime green sanding sugar!!!! Woot woot! Then searched some more and looked over and this time, I had to hold my scream in......I did a silent scream!!! ;) I found the cutest cupcake cups ever! (Well, they would have been more amazing if they had stars on them, but I am not going to push my luck for today!!!) I am not going to tell you about them, just take a look for yourself:

Mmmmm hmmmmm.....I know, you're jealous! But if you really want some, I am sure they have more (cuz I grabbed all the ones that were out)! I was so glad that I had decided to make that U-Turn on Jefferson and head to Los Alamos!!! The lady working in there was so friendly and made me feel warm and welcomed! They even sell cupcakes there and decided to pick Davey up a German Chocolate one! 

Now I have my sugar crystals in hand and super cute cupcake cups....I am ready to make my cupcakes......right after I go to the store and finish getting all the ingredients (don't need to worry about buying the tequila, I got plenty of that around!)!!!!!!!

Well my weekend is starting off fabulous and I hope yours is too! Sorry about no recipe here, but there is one to come, I promise. Just had to share my amazing finds!!!!

<3 you all!

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