Monday, September 19, 2011

Anniversary In Vegas!

Yes, I was a chunky bride!

No baking for me this weekend.....Davey and I celebrated our 6th anniversary in Vegas!!!! We had such a great time! We reserved the spa suite at the Luxor and it sure was nice having our own private spa after a day of walking the strip!!! 

Our trip began Thursday afternoon. With Davey in the driver seat and me in the passenger seat, we embarked on our 4 hour journey to Las Vegas!

After about 30 minutes on the road, we decided to stop for a coffee and Red Bull because I wanted a Starbucks! (Hehehe) I hadn't had a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet this season, so I figured this would be the time to get one!

It was soooooooo delicious! I got a short so I didn't have to feel tooooo guilty about the empty calories! ;) We continued on the road for hours, but then finally made it to LAS VEGAS!!!! After checking into our hotel, we went up to our room and it was fabulous!!!! Over 700 square feet of fun! LOL! Being our anniversary and all, we had to splurge on the spa suite.....

Look at that view! :D 18th floor!!!! Awesome! We got dinner and a drink and just relaxed the first night. 

On Friday we walked around to find a place to eat breakfast since the cafe place in the Luxor wasn't very tasty. We wound up at the Monte Carlo's cafe which had this super yummy southwestern omelet. After breakfast Dave and I went to Best Buy to buy a new camera. I was sick of only having the camera on my phone and wanted some good pictures of the weekend. So yay!!! I got a new camera!!!!!

That night we decided to do some bar hopping.

We went to this one bar, PBR Rock Bar, at Planet Hollywood and we got these amazingly delicious blueberry margaritas!
The yumminess inside these cups is just mind blowing! If you are ever around Planet Hollywood, I recommend you stop in and get yourself one of these.....the cup is even yours to keep! :D Double bonus!!! My friend, Kelly, lives out in Vegas and met up with us here. I haven't seen her in about 2 years, so I was so excited when she showed up!!!
After hanging out for a few, we continued walking to find some more places to hang out at. Kelly had some friends at The Cosmopolitan, so we walked over and hung out with them for a few minutes at Holstein.
I am NOT wearing heels.....just so you know! ;)

After leaving the Cosmopolitan, we headed back to Luxor (since I was DONE drinking by that point....I am a total lightweight). Kelly went home and Davey and I headed up to our room. On the way up we stopped at a little store to get some Ibuprofen, water, and Dave was hungry so he got some chips. While he was getting his stuff I saw these ginormous rice crispy treats!!!!
They were at least 2 inches thick and about 4 inches in length!!! They looked tasty, but I refrained myself from actually eating one. Underneath them were these different types of chocolates. I loved the boxes they came in......
That's right.....EAT CHOCOLATE, NOT PRESERVATIVES! Hahahaha! Gotta love chocolate. I didn't get any of those either......didn't need even MORE calories this weekend. 

On Saturday, Dave and I walked to Caesar's Palace so I could go to the Forum Shops and do a little shopping (while he gambled, of course......I don't make my man go shopping with me). During our walk to Caesar's Palace I noticed something......there are soooooo many Louis Vuitton stores in Vegas!!!! <3 LOOOOOVE! <3 Yes, I am a HUGE Louis Vuitton fan and I wish I could afford the purse I want! LOL!!! Between the Luxor and Caesar's Palace I counted 3 LV stores:
At the Crystal's Shopping Center

At the Bellagio

Inside Caesar's Palace

Across from the Louis Vuitton store was my second favorite store!!! Can anyone guess what it is????

The Apple Store!!!! That is the geek in love for Mac computers!!!! <3 :D LOL!!!!!

After our little shopping endeavor, we headed back to Luxor. On the way, we decided to go through some of the other hotels and look around. We found ourselves back inside the Crystal shopping center. There was this really cool structure in front of this one restaurant. Dave and I looked closely and realized that it had seating for the restaurant inside. If it wasn't for the fact that the place looked too pricey for our budget, I would have suggested we eat there (and the fact that the name has Ocean in it doesn't help the cause either since it was probably a seafood place). 
I also really liked the autumn decor on the ground....all the flowers and pumpkins! So pretty!!!!

Once back at our room, we changed and decided to go lay out at the pool. The weather was perfect and it was nice to relax and catch up on some sun!!! :)
Yes, bad picture of me....don't judge! ;)

The pool closed at 6pm, so we then headed back up to our room to get dressed up for a nice dinner and then to hit the town once again. 
This picture was taken after dinner....I had heels on and walked probably 4 miles in them and HAD to put my flip flops back on......I am not a heel girl! ;)

I had reaaaaaaaaaaally wanted to go to Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Grill inside the MGM Grand, but when we finally found it, the place was packed and there was a long wait list. Davey and I both looked at each other and said, "Let's go somewhere else." So off we went. We found ourselves in the New York New York and found this little Italian place, Il Fornaio. Dave got some pasta dish that was amazingly delicious. I was tied between a pasta dish and a chicken dish. Our waitress told me to definitely got with the "pollo" was ok, but not as good as Davey's dish and probably not as tasty as the pasta dish I was wanting would have been. Oh well, we still had a nice dinner. :) <3

That pretty much concluded our trip. We headed out early on Sunday morning. Stopped to get a Starbuck's again (since the one in the hotel had a line a mile long). A friend on Facebook heard about this new concoction.....a Pumpkin Spice Latte with 2 pumps pumpkin and 1 pump white chocolate mocha. I decided to try it! Yummy!!!!!! I shall call this new drink a White Pumpkin!!! ;)
In case you didn't notice the smiley face on both my cups......yes, we stopped at the same Starbuck's that we did when we headed out, and the same guy took my order.

It took us longer than normal to get home (about 4 1/2 hours) but it was a good trip. I was so glad to see my puppies and am glad to be home. I can't wait for our next trip though!!!!! I hope to do some baking this coming weekend, so stay tuned!!! 

<3 much,

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