Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching Up!

TGIF!!!! This has been one of those weeks from hell and I could not be happier to have Friday finally be here. Yesterday was a crazy day and I didn't get a chance to do the photo challenge, so today I am going to do days 8 and 9!

Day 8: Technology
This one excites me since I am a bit of a techy geek. I am totally weird like that! LOL! The stuff that I love! First off I have my priced possession (well, 1 of them), my MacBook! I am a Mac girl and will not tolerate any PC! (Ok, so I know that my phone is NOT an Apple product, but on my defense, I got my phone BEFORE Verizon got the iPhone, so I didn't have a choice there.....and I was NOT going to switch to AT&T!!!!!) The hubs has an HP laptop and, at the ripe old age of 6 months, it is already having problems! Even with anti-virus programs and the whole 9 yards of protection. I love my MacBook!!!! :D

Then you see my iPod Touch, 3rd generation. Of course it has a PINK casing on it!!! ;) My iPod is a bit beat up since it stays in my car as my musical entertainment. Gotta love the USB hook-up on the cd player.

Lastly is my phone.....the P.O.S. Droid 2. I can get an upgrade at the end of October, and depending on how the reviews come back for the iPhone 5 (that is if it ends up coming out October 4th.....see, keepin' up on my geek news!), I just may be getting that upgrade. I despise my Droid and want to chuck it against the wall on a daily basis.

Well that is my geeky technology stuff in a bundle!!!!! :D Hehhehe! Sorry, geek laugh there!

Day 9: Faceless Self Portrait
Here I am in my sweaty glory! I had just gotten off the treadmill after a hard run! I love how sweaty I get while working out. Some girls hate being sweaty, I love it cuz it means that you got a good workout. I am even sporting my super awesome "Senior Girls" shirt I got during my senior year of high school. Which school did I attend??? Hmmmm......IDK, maybe my shirt will let you know! LOL! I remember this shirt didn't fit me for many years, and now it fits me a little loose! :D Yay for losing weight!!!

A couple of days ago I asked which recipe you all wanted me to make. Only 2 people answered, and so there you have new baking adventure will be Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread!!! I can't wait to bake it up tomorrow! Have to make 2 since one will be going to a friend and co-worker, Jenika, for her birthday on Thursday!!!!

Have a great night everyone!

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