Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 6 of the Photo Challenge

Today was such an awful day. I could not wait to get home and go for a run to relieve some stress. Thankfully I work with the bestie and had her to lean on when times got really tough. Once the clock hit 6:30, I was out of there as fast I could possibly be. After venting with Casey for about 10 minutes out in the parking lot (she had some venting to do as well), I got home and had dinner with Davey! <3 I then went for a run and am now here, looking up day 6 of the photo challenge. Today's topic is a childhood memory. My fondest childhood memory is not having to deal with the crap that comes with a full time job! ;) Ok, that might just be my anger right now! LOL!!! I just hope you all had a better day than I did! :)

Day 6: Childhood Memory
This picture was obviously taken around Christmas time. The reindeer that are on the mantle were made by some lady and each had our name on it. Every year my mom would put them up above the fireplace and hang our stockings. My dad used to always light a fire in the fireplace and we would sit and watch tv in front of the fire. :)

I love Christmas time. It's such a great holiday and I love that the family comes together to celebrate with each other. 

Well, according to the countdown app on my [not so] handy-dandy Droid, there are only 89 days left until Christmas!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!

Good night everyone and hopefully tomorrow brings more smiles and laughter!!!!
<3 Amy

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