Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 5!

5th day! I have made it 1/6th of the way through this already! Yay! Today's challenge is someone you love. Someone I love......how can I pick just ONE person that I love? There are so many people in my life that I love, that have been there for me and loved me. I don't think that it would be fair to pick just one person. I thought long and hard about this one and decided, instead of picking one person, I am going to give you all the people in my life that mean the most to me.

The first person that came to mind and is a total given is my husband, Dave.
We have been together over 11 years and just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We have done so much growing up together and I can't even imagine life without him. We have a great relationship and I am so thankful to be married to him and spend every day with him! <3

The second person that I love is my mom. 

We had so many good times together and had become best of friends. I believe that every girl (by a certain time in her life) should be best friends with their mom. Moms will never steer you wrong and know you like no one else does. Unfortunately, she passed away in January of 2010. I miss her every day, but know that she is in a better place and looks down on me, hopefully proud of me! <3

The next person, or people that come to mind when I think of someone I love are my grandparents. 
These are my dad's parents. I am very close to them and love them so dearly. They would do anything for me and I am so appreciative of that. I just hope they know how much I do love and care about them. They are the sweetest little couple!!! <3

The next people on my list are my family in Michigan. There are 5 of them and I figure that I can add them all in one spot. 
 Me with my cousin, Katelyn

 Me, my Aunt Debbie, Uncle Billy, Nick (not part of the family, hence the frowny face), Sara, and Brianna

 My cousin Sara and me

Brianna and me

The hubs, my Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Billy

These people are the most fun people you will ever meet! There is never a dull moment in the Scott household. No one knows the meaning of "indoor voice" and with only one bathroom, you are forced to follow by an "open door policy"! There is no privacy with them, but I love it that way. You can share anything with them and never be judged. You can't stop laughing when they are around, yet you can feel the love radiating out of all of them when we are together. After my mom passed away, my aunt (which is my mom's sister) stepped up and took me under her wing as her 4th daughter. She really is like a mom to me and I consider my cousins as my sisters. I hate the fact that we live thousands of miles apart, but I guess it just makes our visits that much more meaningful!!! <3

Next up is my Uncle Bruce. 
He is so caring, and just like my grandparents (his parents), would do anything for anyone in need. I only get to see him on holidays since he lives in Arizona, but we keep in contact often and I always look forward to getting an email from him! :) <3

Another person that I love is my dad! 
My dad with his grandpug, Scrappy! :D

My dad and me!

We have had our ups and downs, and we disagree on some things, but he still has been there for me and I am glad to have him in my life! :D <3

Alright, here comes another one.....see, I told you I can't just pick one person......
My second cousin, Mary Ann!

Mary Ann and I have only met like once, I believe, but I was too young to remember. We reconnected over Facebook and I am so glad that we did! We chat on an almost daily basis and I look at her like she is my older sister. In fact, we call each other sis. I hope to one day make a trip out to visit her in Arkansas. I know we would have a blast together and Arkansas would never be the same after that trip! ;) She also has the cutest son, Griffin. I am not too fond of kids, but I really like this one! LOL!!!! <3

Last, but certaintly NOT least, are my friends!!! Each of my friends holds a special place in my heart and I hope they all know how much I do love them and appreciate them being in my life! <3

My friend Kelly, whom shared her bed with me when I had no where else to live (for a brief period of time.....until I moved in with Dave). We go way back. She was always my go to friend that was up to go do anything! I miss her since she now lives in Vegas, but I am so excited every time I get to see her! :) <3

Karyssa (aka Gyl)!!!! OMG! This is that one friend that no matter what happens, will always have your back and be there in an instant. She would give you the shirt off her back or stay up for hours with you if you just needed someone to be there. She does not have a single judgmental bone in her body and always has such a positive outlook on things. She keeps me sane when all I want to do is break. We can make the best out of all situations and my face always hurts after being with her from laughing so much!!!! She is just such an amazing person, beautiful inside and out!!!! <3

Deliesse (aka Leesey)!!! Man, we have had some good times. Like Karyssa, Deliesse does not judge and is always so happy and positive. She has such a strong drive to succeed and I love that about her. We love to hang out, shop, and get our drink on with some margaritas or mimosas (if we are having brunch)!!! There is never a bad moment with Deliesse and I look forward to seeing her when she comes home to visit. <3

The group! Ryan, Biffy, the hubs, Casey (aka the bestie), Shmanny, and myself. Well, Shmanny (aka Anna) isn't really part of our "group" but she is definitely someone I love. This picture was taken at my most recent birthday bash. These people are all so fun to be with and I would do anything for any of them, just as much as they would do anything for me. Ryan and Dave have been best friends since they were kids and I am glad that I gained such an awesome friend when I met Dave. Biffy, well, he is just Biffy......just a kid, but hey, if you need a DD or whatever, he will be that dude (as long as he doesn't need a DD himself....LOL). Casey, well, you all should know about her by now. The bestie.....always up to bake with me, get food, or some frozen yogurt!!! Yummmm! Shmanny, well, she is just an awesome person and so fun. <3

Well there you have it! All the people I love! And yes, all my friends have nicknames, so be ready for that! It will get confusing! ;) 

Have a wonderful day!!!

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